want to exchange my LV because of a loose thread...

  1. am i crazy? will the SA not allow me to do this? i know it's something small... but it really bothers me. ever since i noticed the loose thread i cant stop staring at it. :sad:

    i pulled on it and it wont unravel... but it's really annoying.
  2. Is the bag new, within the return date policy? My tag on my speedy was sewn crooked and I couldnt stop staring at it either, drove me insane. The SA let me keep the bag until they got a new one and let me trade it for new.
  3. Bring it in for an exchange. I had a similar problem with my cosmetic bag and I had no problems exchanging it.
  4. A loose string would drive me nuts too! Exchange it.
  5. I had a loose thread on my denim speedy. I just cut it off!:lol:
  6. If you're not absolutely happy with your bag, I'd exchange it. You should have no problem as long as you still fall within the 14 day return period.
  7. If you really like the bag and dont like the loose thread send it away to be repaired.
  8. lol the repair guy would be like, "uhh.. *snip*! ok done!".

    but yea, to the OP: ditto what everyone else said.
  9. esp considering how expensive the bags are....there should be no lose threads to begin with.
  10. thanks everyone! i'm going to go in tomorrow and exchange it. i can't stop staring at it and it's driving me nuts. :sad:
  11. With the amount of money you spend there, you should be 100% satisfied with your purchase. I'll say go for it.
  12. Exchange it!!
    I had my popincourt haut for 16 days and one of the threads on the handle came off. I exchanged it. I mean, hellooooo, I paid $850! :biggrin:
  13. OMG. i'm going to kill someone. i finally got around to exchanging my bag.. it apparently wasn't a loose thread.. it's called institch. anyway, i checked the stitching to make sure everything was perfect... but when i got home, the zipper is missing a teeth!!! :censor: the SA zipped it open for me and i didn't even bother to check the zipper because well... who messes up the zipper!?!?
    i'm so PO. i can't go back to the same LV but what are the SAs going to think? OMG.
    this may be the last LV i buy.
  14. I would go back to the same LV store, what do you care. They should feel embarassed and apologize to you.
  15. ***hugs***
    Sara - i'm really sorry this is happening to you! PLEASE dont say this is your last LV piece ever!!! you should totally take it back to the LV store and demand an new bag!!! you have nothing to worry about etc... its NOT your fault at all!!! you're not a happy customer therefore thats y SA's are there... they are there to help you - THE CUSTOMER... YOU have to feel HAPPY about the things you buy esp. when it comes to spending $100's on a bag!
    good luck!!!