Want to do a live 'choose me a bag'?

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  1. At CO as returned my black Maggie as the handle had started to come off. Now what to choose?? Thought I might want blueberry but don't like what they have. There is some lovely black patent, so my question is

    Black patent ledbury or east west bays. Gone for lunch to decide as I can't make my mind up. Thoughts please!!!
  2. Well, after seeing CFs amazing patent ledbury this week, it has my vote - its the perfect size for daytime, and I think you could easily use it at night too x

    Thats got my vote - have a great lunch ;)
  3. I thought the Rough Noir EW Bays they had on Friday were stunning! Sorry, I know that's no help ;) Patent is so versatile though. I think the EW Bays is a better size personally. It depends what you carry?
  4. Oh I would go patent Ledbury! Beautiful! Happy shopping xx
  5. Handheld or on shoulder? That's the question, if you ask me! =)
  6. If you're tallish, I'd suggest EW. If you're more petite, I'd say Ledbury. Both are great classic bags!
  7. I say e/w, hope your having fun :smile:
  8. What a lovely dilema. I vote E/W Bays. Sorry to hear about your Maggie though.
  9. Can't wait to see what you choose. I forgot to say the rouge noir EW were patent too.
  10. I vote E/W - I just think the size is more useful.
  11. Great dilemma, both are fab bags!

    Depending on how much u carry and use, the patent ledbury sounds lovely x
  12. #12 Oct 10, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
    I got the ledbury!!!!!!! It was just too cute to resist and I realized there was a 'going out bag' sized hole in my wardrobe. Whilst it does not fit on the shoulder, I thought it did 'evening' a bit more than the E/W.
    Couldn't quite pass up on the blueberry though so HAD to buy a few little accessories!!
  13. Ooh good choice. We will require piccies of course!
  14. Congrats! I am sure that you will love your Ledbury!
  15. Agggghhhhhh damn my indecisiveness!!!! Just been and swapped it for the E/W on the basis that at nearly 6 foot tall, I can carry it off and thinking about it, I rarely go to really posh do's anyway so this way I'll get more use out of it. It was the doll's bag comment that made me think it through. SA 's now think I am mad. Going to leave now before I change my mind again!!!!