Want To Buy:

  1. A freakin air conditioner. I am back in Germany for some academic business and I can barely stand the heat. It's in the 100s, no AC in the house, I am dying a slow death here. I think I may take my Macbook Pro to the car and hope that the WAN is strong enough to reach me out on the street. :Push:
  2. Oh Dear !!! My family are complaining about the heat in England too !! :sad:
  3. Where in Germany are you? :smile: I live there! It's definitely been hot here...We bought the last 2 stand fans at the local shop the other day. We literally RAN for the boxes since there were people looking at them already.

    They do have little room ACs, but they cost about 300+ EUR. I contemplated buying one, but my fan is working just fine :smile:
  4. Sorry!!! That sounds um... unpleasant to say the least!!!!
  5. It's hot here in Holland, but I'm near the north sea (or the beach as the locals like to call it) and we are getting a nice cool breeze.
  6. Awe! Central Air rocks! :graucho:
    How long are you going to be over there for? It might be worth it to invest in a small one that you can sit in front of or atleast a fan. :supacool:
  7. Vlad my dear, 3 words for you:
    Head-in-freezer! OMG, you poor guy, make sure you get lots of fluids.

  8. Ditto! :Push: I feel as though I have aged about 10 years in the last few weeks! :sad:

    Unfortunately, I live in about the hottest and most humid part of the UK (about as far from the coast as you can get). I also live on a SSW facing hill and although not as hot as Germany (you poor thing!); it is completely unbearable, particularly at night.

    We now also have a weather warning for thunderstorms and hail this afternoon, yes hail in July, which may cause flooding! :wtf:

    So much for living in a country with a temperate climate.

    Global warming is sparing nobody and we're just not equipped for it in Northern Europe. :crybaby:
  9. Two words: Global Warming!!

    Pretty soon all of Europe will need Air Conditioning!
  10. i would die without AC..SO sorry....
  11. eat a lot of ice cream :smile: sorry you're baking there...i can't stand hot weather.
  12. Vlad... you should come back to the states and see me :love:

    There is AC here!!

  13. Very true!!! :yes:

    If people could cut down on their unnecessary flights; that would, apparently, help a lot.

    Perhaps people could also be dissuaded from buying Hummers (sp?) and 4 x 4s...?
  14. Aww, sorry to hear that Vlad! It's pretty hot over here in Ontario too (I'm melting...).
    I can't send an air conditioner over to you, but how about folding up a paper fan? Hey, it's better than nothing! :smile:

    Have fun in Germany!
  15. I've found that the handbag departments of my favorite stores always are nicely cool and refreshing. Maybe you should take a break there. You know, look around, pick up a little somethin-somethin for Megs...you'll be refreshed in no time!