Want to buy my mom a pretty scarf for her Bday. Please help!

  1. My mom's Bday is coming up soon and she likes wearing scarfs, so I thought I might give her a nice one from Chanel or LV.
    I looked through the LV website and couldn't find one that would be perfect for her, so I thought, hey maybe Chanel has some nice ones!
    But I know nothing of Chanel scarfs!
    So I'm asking for your help girls! Does anyone know what the price range is and maybe have some nice ones in their mind that are sold now?
    I would really appreciate any thoughts and help!! :smile:

    (Oh, and it doesn't have to be Chanel or LV, but maybe Hermes as well, although I know nothing of that brand either, only that I'm afraid it will be out of my price range, which I think is about max. 200euros. and Gucci is not an option, I saw them recently and the quality is poor for it's price..) TIA!
  2. You can view and purchase Hermes scarves from the Hermes website. They have prices.

  3. Thanx mon! I never realised you could buy/see these online. That's a great help and I must say, those Hermes scarfs are gorgious! :drool:
  4. Chanel scarves (the 35" square) retails from $250 to $400 (it all depends on the design). I bought 2 in November and one was $275 and one was $395. Go figure.

    Hermes ranges from the Twilly (in the hundred range) to the 25" ($250 range), the 35" ($300 range), the cashmere/silk shaw scarf ($800 up range) and then the 100% cashmere shawls ($1000 and up).

    Plus, you can find them on sale here and there. HTH