Want to buy my first Balenciaga! Need your help!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I am thinking of buying my first Balenciaga bag and just wanted to ask you a few questions!

    I need something for every day (but not too big) that can be used at night, too. I don't like huge bags, so something that fits a wallet, make-up case, cell phone and sunglasses would be perfect! I'd like to be able to carry it by hand as well as have a shoulder strap in case I need to have my hands free. I know there is a bunch of different bags - city, twiggy, etc. Could you tell me which one is which?

    Also, what color should I go with? I am more of a black lover but could definitely get another neutral. How's the quality of Balenciaga bags? Does it withstand time? Are their bags classics or more on the trendy side? Would I be able to wear it in 5 year?

    Thank you VERY much for your help!!!! :flowers:
  2. If you don't like big bags I would say a first/classique. Go to the website www.ateliernaff.blogspot.com and you should be able to read all about styles and colors that were available in the past and this seasons colors. Welcome to the Bbag club - prepare for the addiction!:love:

    To answer your other questions, yes they are quite durable although leather quality has varied over the years. We have all found the answer to that is to thoroughly examine your bag at purchase. Some people like distressed, veiny and shiny. Others like thick and matte. Its your choice but for this season especially, you should be able to find one to your liking.:yes:
  3. I agree with shoegal...the first sounds like the perfect size for you. As far as color goes, do you wear a lot of black or is it that you mostly buy black bags? If you wear a lot of black, you can go with a bag that screams color, which would be a great contrast :graucho:
  4. What about a red? I find red is very versatile and gives a nice pop of color to an outfit.
  5. LOL~I was just like you about 2 months ago:P !! i think the first should be the perfect size for you~maybe in a nice "popping" color!! heres a pic of my teal first:love:
  6. It looks VERY nice!!!!! Seems like THE perfect size!
  7. I love red but every time I buy a red bag, I seem to not like it afterwards! I saw a rouge Balenciaga (I believe it was a first) at Saks last week, so I am going to go and see if they still have it.

    Does the leather scratch easily though?
  8. The First/Classique is definitely the perfect size for what you are looking for! :yes: As for a neutral color, cement looks nice and Oxblood is a pretty deep red burgundy. If you like dark dark green almost black, then Sapin is another good choice. I personally love the Fire Engine red/Rouge Vif. Check out Esile's and Style101's gorgeous pics! :heart: I think it would be a great pop of color for you!:love:

    As for leather quality, the Rouge Vif/Fire Engine red seems to have the most consistently nice leather--thick and smooshy. I would personally check them out in real life first so you could choose the one you like. There is a lot of variability in leather among the different colors and styles.

    I didn't notice the leather getting scratches, although I was always paranoid about it. Choosing one with thick, smooshy, luxe leather and a nice sheen shouldn't scratch as easily as one with dry crackly leather.
  9. I think you will love the first. How about magenta?:idea:
    DSC03595.JPG DSC03588.JPG
  10. I think a black first is a great starter bag, and in terms of being able to wear it in 5 years, with black I don't think it will ever go out of style, (even once/if the whole b-bag craze calms down). ;)
  11. yeah, i think the "first" would be a perfect size for you. i'm a big bag lover and recently purchased a "first", and it still can fits my organizer, lv PTI, cigarette case, 2 cell phones and a sunglass.
    i'll go for the leather from past years like '04 or '05 because it's thicker (i likes thicker better) and it seems more durable.
    i vote for brown or caramel for ur first b-bag, because it's more neutral and the color's a classic. it'll go on for years :P
  12. I vote for the rouge vif First!! :love:
  13. hmm... i think you need a first- covers all the things you want it to do. Black shows the least amount of dirt over time so if you are looking for a bag that will last for 5+ years I think thats the way to go- or another dark color... truffle, grenat, blue roi and sapin are all pretty dark- and there is a dark brown coming out in Aug that might work for you!

    good luck!
  14. i totally agree... go with a Black First - sounds like you dont carry much therefore it will be a perfect size for ya!!! good luck with your b-bag quest!
  15. Another vote for a black First!