Want to buy Matinee but confused about color presented on Funkylala

  1. Hi,

    Need all your genius, expert assisance. I want this exact bag in the color pictures below. Is this photo and accurate depiction of the bag color?


    Funklala lists a blue bag with grey suede -- is this the same bag as above, because it looks very grey here.


    It looks so dark here in the same listing on Funkylala! Is this another bag shade? It must be. Wow!:


    Are these the same bags? The photos in the previous thread (and one shown in the first photo of this thread) show the bag both with and without and flash, and the bag looks definitely blue -- steel blue. The bag above (second two photos) on Funklala looks quite grey. I have a grey MA bag, and several other grey bags, and really don't need another grey one. A bag like the first one pictured is exactly want I want -- something blue. Is the first photo a true representation of the color of the blue bag with suede lining? I'm really confused, and apologize in advance for my crazy confusion and questions. Any guidance on this is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I think the best representation of the color is the second picture. It's a blue-gray, and some people say it's more blue, but I personally think it's more gray. Either way, the leather is TDF - I think it's the best one she has.
  3. I really think that second bag is the dark gray with light gray suede flaps, like Mockinglee's.

  4. ^^ the dark gray leather is shiny, and that bag looks more matte...also, doesn't the dark gray have silver HW?
  5. ^The dark gray comes with either silver hardware or gold hardware. I think both are really pretty against the color of the bag
  6. I think pic #2 is closest to the blue IRL. My dark grey bag is shinier and darker, closer to pic #3. The tPFer's pic is probably with flash, which picks up all the blue tones.

  7. OOPS! I mean the second picture down from the one that the OP posted that she wants. So, really the third pic is what I was referring to! Many apologies!:yes:
  8. So, to answer the OP's question; the second picture you posted is most like the bag you want :yes:
  9. i just purchased my first RM matinee bag from funklala (great customer service), and have been addicted to this forum as well:love:, but even more so to my perfect perfect perfect bag! I got this exact same bag, and had the same questions, is it blue - is it grey? I think what i really wanted was the grey, but it was meant to be...because this blue is just the perfect color:heart: just a little different, but still matches everything , and probably to the casual observer it is a shade of grey. But soooooooooo soft, i just love it more and more every day! It is the ONLY bag I have ever bought that I just want more of ! It is crazy! I am hooked!
  10. Wow....they're both gorgeous! I just ordered my first Matinee, Black w/Pewter and am impatiently waiting for it to arrive and now these 2 stunning colors are thrown at me! Arggghhhh!!! :hysteric:
  11. hi.

    i've seen the pics above at funkylala. the first pic (on the model) does it true justice. it does have a grey hue to it (in some lights), but definitely a blue-grey. and the dark grey is shiny, not matte (they're sold out), so it can't be this one. i think you can get the blue with light grey suede with either silver or gold hardware (i personally prefer silver) - the one above is pictured in gold.

    the grey matinee is really grey - not like this one.

    i also love the chocolate with wine (but i seem to be more alone on that one)...