Want to buy a Damier!

  1. Omg...I can't decide. There seems to be many asking for opinions on which Damier bag to buy...and I'm now one of them here :smile: I didn't list the speedys or the papillon because they're more common, and because they're too big for me (I carry VERY little with me. The pochette holds all the stuff that I want to carry...minus my iPod mini and the occasional compact or the PDA that I take with me).

    Edit: Sorry, I wanted to add a poll but my internet connection timed out so now it says I can't any more.

    I have three choices in mind:

    2) BRERA
  2. so what are you actually looking for??? some small in the Damier line??? :graucho: you know the Speedy 25 Damier is SO cute!!!! :nuts:
  3. There is the Ravello GM and PM Here is a pic of the GM. It a slightly oversized pochette. It's $975 via eluxury.
  4. :lol: I knew someone would do that!

    Yes I'm looking for a smaller bag in the Damier line. The only big bag that I carry is a big, champagne coloured purse bought from a shoe store that cost me $49.99 to work. Most of the time I use relatively small purses.

    I'm looking for one that will carry my porte monnaie, cell phone, cles, a slim camera, credit card holder, and lip gloss. That's all, really.
  5. yeah it depends on what you are looking for. the damier ribera mini is nice but tiny though. i recommed the ribera mm, it is so nice and can store quite a bit of things!
  6. the damier pochette is nice too if you want something tiny.
  7. Pochettes are so typical and faked to death. How about the Illovo PM. It reminds me of the Gucci cosmetic cases that every ones uses as pochettes. It's $570 via eluxury.

  8. :roflmfao: hehehe, i'm always trying to pitch a Speedy 25 Damier - even though i dont have one!!!! HAHAHA!!! :lol:
    0o00o the Ribera mini - the small one is SO cute too!!!! if you check out the DAMIER club in the CLUBHOUSE thread you'll find one - Irissy has one... and i'm sure she has posted a pic!!!
    all the best for your quest!!!! :wlae:
  9. i'll choose the speedy 25. hahaha really.
    i think riberara mini is cute ... but then, i cant put too muchc things in it. so i dont really like it.
  10. :yes: I agree!!
  11. Get the ribera mini its little and holds a lot! I have one and I'm speedy person
  12. Oo:huh: I really like the look of this one. My vote goes towards the Illovo.
  13. OMG not the Ribera mini please... I think you might find it hard to believe but that is the most common damier ever. I bought that bag when it first came out, half a year later EVERYONE has it! and everywhere I go I see it. I was so mad and angry and I hated the bag so much I sold it ! Anyhow, as often as you think the Speedy and Pap. are I think I've seem them around less.
  14. I live in a city where LV is not widely available (and I can't order via eLuxury because I live in Canada). So I'll have to buy on eBay. It took my friend's Damier geant messenger bag over a year to get here...so there's no way I'm going to the LV counter!

    I think I'll decide between the Ribera mini and the Ravello PM!
  15. I like the Ribera..around me, I've NEVER seen anyone around here with it at all.
    I don't think it's a real big seller at my store, actually.