Want to buy a classic, please help. Thanks! Also Happy New Year!

  1. Hi everyone:
    I love this forum!
    I am thinking about buying my very first Chanel bag; I want a classic (thinking black with golden chain). However I don't have much time to shop for them.
    Could anyone please recommend some style names to start with?
    Also in NY/NJ area, which stores have a bigger collection? I wish to buy it with only one trip to the store.

    Thank you so much and happy new year!
  2. Hello! Welcome to tPF! :biggrin:

    Since everyone seems to be busy, partying up New Years Eve, I can answer your questions for you.

    I think you are talking about the classic black flap-- these usually are available in an array of sizes. There are two types of leather: caviar and lambskin. Lambskin costs more and looks more luxurious but can be more difficult to take care of. These bags come with either gold or silver hardware. There is the East West (it is long but short with an adjustable single chain), the mini flap (like an index card), the small flap (have not seen this one but it is similar to the east-west I assume but with double chains), the medium/large (one of the two popular sizes) and the jumbo.

    The SAs will know what you are talking about if you ask about the classic flaps. They are usually very knowledgeable and helpful. I would assume that the stores in NY have more stock; however, I'm not positive since I am located on the west coast. However, these bags are part of the "timeless" line, so they are usually available and can be found easily. If it is not available at the store, they can locate one from another store and have it sent.

    I hope I answered some of your questions and was not too redundant! Happy New Year to you as well!!!
  3. Thank you so much! Classic does not have to be double chain, right? i thought they are all double. I am getting one soon