Want to add this to my collection for summer!

  1. Maybe getting this tonight, what do you think?

    I want a crossover bodybag for the jazz concert this weekend:yahoo: I saw the legacy hippie a few weeks back and i'm still kicking myself for not getting it. Comparing the two, i'm stuck:shrugs:
    10746_B4WT_t.jpg 2001203604366464_1.jpg
  2. I like the ergo one. I think it's probably much more lightweight, and I always wonder if the hippie will pull on your neck over time, that legacy leather seems heavier than ergo leather.

    get it with pce! I think pamajama just bought one (I think it was her). I thought about getting the black sig one, but I have resisted
  3. Betty, did you end up buying the white ergo? I remember on a thread you had mentioned it...

    I think white is a great color for summer!
  4. I love both bags. I'm partial to the hippie style but agree that it would be a heavier bag due to the hardware....

    Did you decide? Pics?
  5. Court, I think your right about it being light weight and that's what i need since i was going to be outside for the entire weekend.:tup:

    Handbaglvr, my white ergo tote is my dress up bag;) I really think i'm looking good when i carry it:lol: I wanted something a little more casual to take.

    Tejasmama, I called my local Coach store and they are going to overnight the ergo to me for $8.50 more. I hope I love it! Only time will tell.
  6. you should get the hippie... and someone on eBay who goes to TPF was selling one for 135 BIN, because the back of it has a factory flaw (two really light grey strips going down towards the sides)... i think it was originally bought at a factory outlet because its still new with tags
  7. I have the hippie in black and it's lovely but is very heavy because of the hardware. If you're standing up a long time, it will definitely weigh you down.
  8. but the ergo crossbody is so plain! the hippie is so sophisticated and different!
  9. I ordered the rgo cross body during PCE and received it today.
    Unfortunately, I will be returning it. I love how it looks and it is lightweight, but it doesn't fit me properly.
    It is shorter than I expected. It kind-of "jutts out" at my hip. I assumed it would lay flat. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, I am not too happy with it. I will return it and look for a cute backpack.
  10. I kind of prefer the look of the legacy hippie but if the ergo is a lot more comfy, that may be the deciding factor.
  11. i have the black hippie and I love it. I doesn't seem heavy to me, it looks great and I get tons of compliments on it!!
  12. What a cute summer bag! I prefer the look of the hippie, but i agree with the others that the ergo will be much lighterweight.