Want to add one more B-Bag; need opinions.

  1. Okay, even though I swore that my purse collection was complete for now, I really want a blue balenciaga bag. As far as styles go, I do not want a City or First. I like a bag that has a longer shoulder strap. On Ebay right now there is a beauitful cornflower blue Twiggy, but part of me really wants an Ink. How hard do you think it would be to find an Ink Twiggy, Box, or Hobo? Or do you all think that Ink is too much in a larger bag? Should I wait for the blueberry bag? Please help!!!
  2. Oh, an ink twiggy would be fabulous! Have you tried calling Bal NY or Aloha Rag??? I would definitely give them a call first, and then decide whether to go for the cornflower twiggy (which is also beautiful!) But of course, ink is my first choice!
  3. Check with Barneys in Chestnut Hill. At least last week they had a few styles in the ink color one of which was a twiggy. I have an ink city and love the color. The bag also seemed to get less veiny with usage.
  4. I'm going to go against the majority and suggest that you go for cornflower b/c it is a little lighter. You already have a fab black and a fab bordeaux, so I think cornflower would give your collection a little bright pop of color.
  5. That is an excellent point. Should I get another twiggy or try to find a box or purse (just so I have different styles)?
  6. I love the ink, but I have to agree with addicted. It might be nice for the wow! factor. I'd do a purse in Cornflower if you can find it. You can add depth in the shape area, as well!
  7. That is a great point addicted!
  8. It may help with your decision to think of what colours you wear. Would a cornflower go as well with your clothing as an ink? I see, in your avatar that you have black and bordeaux, so maybe you prefer the darker colours. Was that a choice because these were your first Balenciagas and you wanted colours that would go with everything, now this is more of a fun, step out bag?

    The Cornflower is a very denimy blue, so whatever you can wear with denims, you can wear with your Cornflower. I have not seen the Ink colour and I have a Cornflower Twiggy, so maybe I am unfairly biased and you should take what I say with a grain of salt!

    I wish you well,

  9. ekekek! ummm, i've got a cornflower twiggy! and its beautiful! BUT i'm really loving the INK at the moment.... good luck on what you decide! SORRY i'm not help... i just want millions of b-bags! (hehehe)
  10. How about an ink twiggy? They look fab :smile: