Want nothing, need nothing....

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  1. For the first time in a long time....I have found myself without anything to obsess about:confused1: !! I usually go from one thing to another...whether it be a bag, shoes, a top I have to have, etc....and right now there is NADA!! I can't remember the last time this happened to me...it seems I am always on the quest for something....now if I can only stay out of the shops, and basically wear blinders...I may make it at least a month without a purchase, which would make DH very happy....what about you lovely ladies and gentleman...what is it you just have to have?????

    p.s. if this is in the wrong place, please move..
  2. I really really really want a 1st edition book (ender's game /orson scott card) but its really out of my league.
    I call bookstores as far as Portland but no luck.
    But I'm picky about condition, and no stickers, and it doesnt even have to be autographed.
    Last month I was obsessed in tracking down an ebayer that cancelled their account (found them) and got my refunded check Friday (the entire amount too even though I got the magazine for 3 months already 24 month subscription)
  3. And who says an obsession has to cost something...you even got a refund while hounding that ebayer!!! Good for you!!!
  4. I was looking on ebay the other day for a first edition book- Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and oh my god!! $20 000!!!! I had no idea they went for that much.
  5. What a nice place to be :smile: Enjoy it!
  6. OMG, i wanted t be you...
    i've been in that state for about a month because i had a relationship problem, i don't even care to eat and i don't think about any obsession.
    but now i'm obsessed with the large chanel coco cabas leather and vinyl bag!
  7. You're so lucky...all I keep thinking about is needing a new LV tote...
  8. I hate that... always happens around holiday time where there's just not anything I want that's something to put on my wish list. I really want a pink laptop, but that's something that's not needed at this point really. I just want one :P
  9. Well recently Ive been obsessing in my mind, but when I get to the shops I dont feel like buying anything? hmm my friends think theres something worng with me? :confused1:
  10. Right now even though I "want" things I am content, and not too concerned if I get them or not.
  11. I wish I had your problem!!!! :lol: Instead, I'm obsessed about an balenciaga ink first and a marc jacobs coat...Lord help me!! :rolleyes: :sos:
  12. I really want a pair of Prada boots. :P
  13. I'm in a similar place. I put myself on a ban for October. Since then I spent like $60 at target.com and ordered a watch for me/from my husband but I'm also in a place where thesres nothing I need or am compelled to buy.
  14. Im actually very content with all of my "have to haves". I cant think of a thing I'd really love to have right now........ kind of a nice feeling!
  15. :drool:
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