WANT..no, NEED a pink chanel or the eiffel tower purse!

  1. hello ladies,

    my first time posting here in the forums- long time lurker on the website.

    i am looking to buy my first chanel, and since they are quite expensive, i am looking for a style that won't go out of fashion, like the classic 2.55. the only thing is, pink is my favorite color and i was wondering if i could get any pink chanel bags?

    also, i love the resort runway spring 2006 eiffel tower purse, wonder where i can get that too, since it's prolly not sold anymore in boutiques. if anyone has any information, please help! thanks :smile:
  2. If going for the 2.55 would you be interested in white or gold hardware ? Caviar or Lambskin ? Size ?

    I can ask my SA to track something down if your'e more specific . This season I think the pink classic only has gold hardware , but don't quote me on that !
  3. Silver or gold hardware, neither matters, they both look good on pink!

    icaviar would be my first preferance, but i'm ok with lambskin too- whichever is cheaper.

    size - medium, slightly larger than the smaller evening bag version.

    any ideas about the resort runway purse? it's multicolor, and has a sequinned eiffel tower on it and chanel written in capital letters across the bottom, its a gorgeous purse and would go with everything.

    thanks so much! :smile:
  4. You could try to call the 800 Chanel number. They could locate a pink classic flap for you with the hardware color of your choice. They only can search Chanel boutiques....so....there might also be one at Saks, Neiman Marcus, etc.

    I have a pink classic flap and just love it! I highly recommend it! The pink is so pretty on that bag. But, of course, I just LOVE pink bags!:yes:
  5. Aha, another fellow pink bag lover! :smile:
  6. btw, what is the toll free 1 800 chanel number?
  7. I am not sure about the eiffel tower purse , i haven't seen one in awhile . But there is a pink caviar w/ gold hardware at my Saks . I don't recall if it's the east/west or flap , but it was a medium size !

    If you can't find the eiffel bag , P.M. me for info on the pink caviar . ( Or anybody , for that matter . I just don't have the number off-hand )
  8. I'm going to my local NM tomorrow, I'll try and remember to look.
    What about a pink petit Shopping Tote?
  9. No, it has to be the classic style, I've been working nights all last semester and got 3 hours of sleep only to save up for a Chanel classic bag that's pretty and also never goes out of style :smile:

    Any info about the eiffel tower purse? what is the chanel hotline number?
  10. If you go to chanel.com, they have the 1800 number. Also, they have the number of all of the boutiques.

    One thing with customer service is that they don't tell you anymore which boutique has the bag. They take your information and have a SA call you. I have no idea why they changed their policy. I have asked when I called and they said it was a corporate decision, but can't say why. Very strange....in my opinion....anyone have any idea about this change? I even said....can you tell me if the New York stores have it so I can know which one to go to...Hmm....they still wouldn't tell me.

    Therefore, I would look up the numbers of boutiques that are close to you and call them and see if they have the bag. Then, go and take a look and compare the hardware.....see which one you prefer. If they don't have pink in stock, you can at least try on the bag and see which hardware color you prefer. I always like to see a bag in person, whenever possible. I am so happy for you!
  11. on the phone now.... automated menu from a lady with a strong french accent...
  12. ok... no chanel boutiques in my state! :sad:
  13. The eiffel tower purse might be still available in some Saks. I remember during the cambon craze (when the pink and beige was on sale), a couple Saks mentioned that they had the tote with the eiffel tower on sale as well.Give saks a call!
  14. not the tote, but the eiffel tower design on a 2.55 purse style. it looked gorgeous! i think it was canvas... i saw it on ebay but i'm NOT buying a chanel on ebay.
  15. the petit shopping as Swanky, said is really nice in pink, its part of the Classic Timeless collection along with the 255,

    thats why they did the petit shopping in so many colors, and now, leathers