Want/need French Blue work..

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  1. I was wondering if anyone out there has a french blue work? If so do you like it in the size with the bright color? Pics modeling would be great too. And finally has anyone seen a french blue work anywhere or know if balny has one?
  2. Only in pics but it look so BEAUTIFUL.
  3. BalNY doesn't have the FB work but they did have a Marine RH work, Rouge (?) RH work, and they had a gorgeous Aquamarine GH work...that one was gorgeous..it was b/t my Anthracite and the Aquamarine for me. It was a tough choice.
  4. Call NM in Palm Beach, they had one last week. Someone had one on here a few weeks ago. I love my fb city in rh. The color and leather are amazing. I'll try to find the thread for you.
  5. I want a bright bag for summer until my magenta arrives. I like the french blue work, but if I can't find one I'll get a vert d'eau city I think...
  6. gotcha..the aquamarine isn't that dull it's actually quite bright IMO but if you can't get the FB my vote would be the Vert also!
  7. Are we talking GH or Classic hardware?

    I'm pretty sure Bal NY has sold out. NM didn't order the Work size in French Blue.

    Maybe Aloharag?

  8. i love french blue.
  9. Aloha Rag doesn't have any french blue cities or work bags. :crybaby:Yours is beautiful!
  10. Yeah, I managed to get one back in January when they first got 'em. Terry showed me two and I just loved this one (although I originally came to Bal NY for Vert Gazon)

    I'll keep an eye out and let you know if I see one.
  11. I got mine from BalNY about 2 months ago:smile: Couldn't be happier!
  12. Ooh, I hope you can find one kittens. FB is so beautiful and would look fabulous on you. Good luck on your search!