Want my first Louie, have questions

  1. Hi all,

    I just joined this forum and I could use a little imput. I have never been too crazy over purses, I usually carry something from Macy's a little better than a real cheappie. Anyway I really really want an LV- something I never allowed myself to think about. I know what I want and it is the Papillion 30!! So excuse me if I really sound dumb, but I am a total newbee. A friend said she got it for $400 and it is authenic I looked online it says $875 can anyone tell me what is the correct price? And if there is anything kinda similar in maybe a coach for about $400, here I feel embarrased saying that I can only spend $400. Good thing my husband is passed out asleep on the couch.

  2. Well, if you really want the papillon, I think you should save a little bit more and get it. You can buy another type of barrel bag, but it won't be a LV, you know?
    Don't feel embarassed that you have a budget. Many of us do; I had to save for a long time and was finally able to purchase my first LV this past December. I'm saving for my next one now!
  3. Thank you, just what I was thinking, I don't want anything else. I just feel guilty, I never do anything like this. I have a 17 month old and there is no way to justify it to my husband, who is in the doghouse for keeping his entire paycheck for the last two weeks while I put all mine into our family.
  4. have you thought about pre-owned? If so try let-trade.com they have good deals and you might come across the papillion.
  5. Would you mind used? Just have it authenticated here on tpf.
  6. Whatever you do, do NOT settle for a fake (like your friend may have done). Counterfeit designer goods are made by illegal child labor, and their manufacture funds criminal activites, including terrorism.
  7. Again, thanks for all the imput. I don't want pre-owed. Also I don't want a fake, thanks for letting me know how they make them and what they do with the money. I didn't know that. I guess it's settled I will wait. Maybe next year with my tax return. I saw that in another's post. I am gonna read it now. Oh or maybe with my Christmas Bonus. We never needed it before and since I started my job in Sept I didn't get the full bonus but the next one should be $1000. I think it is worth the wait and will prove if I am true to what I want.
  8. Don't be embarrassed. You'll get your Papillon 30 --- just save a little bit more and eventually you'll have enough to purchase an authentic LV. It's worth the wait!!

    Welcome to Purse Forum!!!
  9. Welcome to tPF! LV is definitely worth every penny. Don't be embarrassed, everyone has a budget. That Christmas bonus sounds like it's got a great use.
  10. I agree with everyone else....just save a little more and get a new one, add a little bit to the LV fund from each paycheck and you'll have it in no time. :yes:
  11. Since you don't want used then I agree, save it. Worth the wait, definitely.
  12. So do you guys like the Papillion? I like the barrel look and I am a casual girl. Same clothes to work as home. But I am not into the sweats out look. I always look nice but point is I don't have to wear suits etc. So I think it would go with my everyday look. I definitely love the canvas style. I mean is it one of the popular styles?
  13. I would definitely wait to get a brand new one - especially if this is your first Louis Vuitton. You don't want pre-owned for your first time, especially since it would be terrible if it smelled like 'moth-balls' or the like, or if the handles are worn and used.

    Wait a little longer, wait for your tax returns, and then get a Louis Vuitton 'something' from the store (if you can)

    BTW, although they sound alike, it's a always a Louis, not a Louie, :lol:
  14. I think you have a good plan. Here is something that really helps me; I have a piggy bank that I put all of my change in. It's my "luxury" savings. It can really add up quickly too. Putting a few quarters or a dollar away every few days can be easier than saving 20-30 dollars a week, you know?