Want my bags Pristine...

  1. When I buy, I'm finding myself having a very difficult seeing anything used that I would consider...makes me sad cause there is a beautiful cherry blossom pap and retro on Let Trade, but can't deal with the water spots, and then i just saw a Lodge GM on there (same bag that I had) and the vachetta looked terrible to me...:crybaby:

    I'm gonna take really good care of my bags, so hopefully they never look like this... i couldnt' buy these, I'm turning into a "I need new girl" wow. never thought I'd see the day...:wtf:
  2. I know exactly how you feel.
  3. hehe. That's how I've been ever since I started collecting:roflmfao: It's it a horrible addiction? Definitely take care of your gorgeous family. I :heart: all your Vernis pieces! So TDF:love:
  4. Thanks sweetie... I'd just rather pay and have my own spots on em.... so bad. But, it's great to find a LE that has been kept really well... that's awesome, none of those had (to me)...
  5. I agree with you 100%
  6. i agree with you
  7. I agree. If there are to be spots and etc. on my bags, then I want them to be put on the bag by me.
  8. I've never bought any used bags. Bags are such personal things, I don't want to know someone used or abused? the bag I bought beforehand. I stay away from eBay and just use the pics for researching.
  9. I understand how you feel. I only want new bags, but I really love the cherry blossom! I have my little fantasy of someday walking into a boutique with a new one available. snort, snort!
  10. I only want some new bags- from the newer lines (azur, rivet, etc). But I would be okay with getting classic used bags like the mono noe, epi noe, etc. Some of these are in really good condition (specifically from LT) and I rather get 2 abgs for the price of 1!
  11. yes! i know how you feel! i'm so scared to use my riveting b/c of the huge vachetta sides!!!
  12. Yah, LT has some good stuff but it's always pretty used. And when they do have something new it costs an arm and a leg. Karen Kooper has some good stuff and in better condition than Let-Trade.