Want Miroire?? Getting Miroire? Love Miroire?

  1. Anyone planning to get Miroire pieces when they come out?

    Are you on a wait list?

    Or - if you could get a piece (or 2 or 3) what would you get?

    I am madly in love with the Speedy - but I am certainly not getting it (unless I win some $$ in the next few months ;) )
  2. I have no idea what the prices are, but the silver speedy is fabulous!
  3. I'm #1 on the wait list at my local LV but won't make the final decision till I see it up close & personal:graucho:.
  4. There a ton of us waitlisted, there are a few threads that have the prices lited too.
    This is one that I am still on the fence about. I waitlisted for the Speedy in both colors, but after seeing how the gold looked on Janet Jacksons Alma I have serious doubts about it.
  5. The apeedy is more structured
  6. Yes it is, I didn't like the tone of the gold.
    I am hoping the silver is a little more like the runway picture & not as plasticy as it looks in the catalog.
  7. I'm on the list for both colors in the speedy, but I'm starting to have doubts.
  8. I haven't been real thrilled by the pics, but maybe seeing IRL will be better. Seems a little too flashy and glittery to me IMHO.
  9. On the waitlist for gold and silver Speedy
  10. I would get the speedy.
  11. I am on for both colors in the speedy. I still think it looks great! Can't wait to see it IRL!!
  12. Not really, doesn't do it for me at all.
  13. it's too flashy for me. i might get something small from this line, though... maybe the pochette.
  14. i think that line is ugly. it is far too gaudy for my taste. it looks like FOIL! i don't really like the azur line either...
  15. IMO they are hideous. Just not my cup of tea. but more poer to those that can oull it off