Want large leather bucket bags

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  1. Hi am looking for a large leather bucket bag that can store a whole lot of stuff. The leather should be soft and supple and should look nice and shiny. Some similar to Marino Orlandi listed on eBay.

    there's NO buying or selling here.
    Good luck!
  2. Just wanted to let you know we do not allow any advertising here at all. I noticed you have suggested about 6+ times for other people to check out Marino Orlandi on eBay and it's starting to look pretty suspect.
    If you're affiliated at all w/ those auctions, I suggest you not continuing to solicit.
  3. Hi
    Just to let u know i have no commercial interest in any post i put up. Its just that i would like to meet members who have similar leather bags so as to have a like minded discussion on leather bags. Please do not think me to be an agent or seller. I am a stockbroker by profession and doing buying selling of bags is too small a job for me. I only love big leather bags hence these posts
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