Want kusama neverfull--have kusama speedy! What to do?

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  1. Hi all
    I got the white kusama speedy and am considering getting a kusama neverfull too! Would you get the neverfull in white too? Or get a different color? Like red or yellow? I do like the way the neverfull looks in the white the best... Would it be too much to get the white in the neverfull too??
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    get what you love!! or you will not be happy!!! i don't think it's to much to have the speedy and nf in white;)..... they are two different type bags!!!
  3. That is like asking if you shouldn't get a mono NF because you already have a mono Speedy... Of course get the white one if you like it best! I love it in white....
  4. I had this same debate and got a white nf and yellow speedy. I did love the yellow speedy in person, but my first thought was always for white.

    My reasoning for getting two different colors was practical. I thought if they were both white polka dot that I would inevitably choose one more often than the other. The comment on owning two mono bags is very true. The thing is, at the moment I don't own two bags in the same material, so this seemed like a valid argument to me. And I also wondered if the white might yellow over time, in which case I wouldn't want two yellowing bags.
  5. It may be a hassle, but I would get the white NF and exchange the Speedy for red but that is just my preference. I have the white NF and love it.
  6. I'ld probably buy the neverful in another color if I was in your situation. But do what makes you happy and let us know what you decide.:smile:
  7. Thanks all for your awesome advice---thinking red!
  8. I would get the NF in another colour.

  9. Love the red interior!
  10. Since you have a white piece, I would say choose another color. But if the white NF is your favorite buy what you like best. I love the red!
  11. Buy what you really love.
  12. I would do a different color. You can switch your whole mood with a different bag and color
  13. +1 ..let us know what you decide...
  14. If you like the white NF then get the white NF.. they speedy and NF are SOOOO different because of the town vs waves. I wouldn't necessarily get a different color just to have something different esp if you like the white best. Like what people said.. get what you love
  15. Are there problems keeping the Kusama clean??? I am about to purchase the NF yet am nervous about maintaining its condition.