want it so bad, but..

  1. [​IMG]

    its just too big! what bags or accessories have you wanted, but couldn't make due with some of its characteristics?
  2. The Legacy Shoulder Bag!!!

    In terms of appearance, it was my favorite Legacy bag from the minute they hit the shelves. When I went into Coach to buy it I got one look at it immediately turned my attention to the Shoulder Zip - I didn't even try it on because it looked way too big for me. Three Shoulder Zips later, I was still lusting after the Shoulder Bag and got one on eBay. Not surprisingly, once I had it in my hands and on my shoulder, it was too big and bulky for me. I tried to make it work but it just wasn't going to happen. It still makes me sad. :sad:
  3. didn't they make a small version of that, aarti? or am i making up stuff again? lol. totally possible.

    i wanted to love the legacy satchel, i really did. i bought it and thought i could get used to the hardware and the weight. i just couldn't do it.
  4. ^^ i love it though :yahoo:
  5. i know you do!

    i swear, if i would have kept it, i think i would have ended up cutting off that stupid strap thing with the clip in a fit of rage...
  6. When I was in the store yesterday she had the book open and the size said 14 X 11 and I knew it was smaller than what is listed on the site so they might make it in a smaller size. I would call coach customer service to see. If you do let us know and how much. I wanted to call but have not yet.
  7. Any shoulder tote. I love them and, back in the fall, I really wanted one in dark brown sig or pebbled leather because they seem so big and practical. Unfortunately, they just look like crap on me. I don't know why. They just don't seem to suit my body shape or size or something. They just look like a big square blob on me, even filled with stuff to make them slouchier. Oh well, I ended up with the dark brown sig gallery tote instead and it was a much better fit for me.

    ETA: By the way, Aarti, that's a gorgeous bag!!! I can see why you're loving it.