WANT: Diamond stitch tote

  1. Instead of looking for a bag, I really should just go on a purse ban. But before I do and before the prices go up, I want to make one last attempt at finding the bag that got away for me. Has anyone seen the diamond stitch tote out there...anywhere? It seems that there is always one or two hiding somewhere in the Chanel universe and if anyone can hunt it down, I think the PFer's are up to the task. I've already called several dept stores and boutiques with no luck.
    Please let me know if you see one so I can happily go on my way to a purse ban and just enjoy hearing of everyone else's treasures. THANK YOU!!:heart:
  2. This is "the bag that got away" for me too. They had one at the Fashion Island NM. I had it in my hands! I put it back on the shelf to try on an Ultimate Soft and another lady picked it up immediately and said she'd take it. She didn’t even try it on or anything. She probably saw it on me and liked it. She mentioned to the SA who rung her up that she was giving it to her 16 year old daughter for xmas. Ahhh! I could have been nasty but I didn't know how hard they were to find until the lady left and I asked the SA if they had any more. :crybaby:

    Good luck!
  3. Hi 255medina,

    I totally know what u mean, I had the chance to purchase the large brown tote back in Oct and passed waiting for the white to come into the boutique (since they claimed it was on reorder) - well it wasnt and by that time everything was sold. But i did manage to track down a small red tote at Saks before xmas (have them do a search) and there was 1 small blk at Gordon Stewarts a couple weeks ago (but I couldnt find a lrge). Good luck.
  4. I think I saw a large brown one at NM in tysons corner, VA on Saturday.
  5. I found out at the NM Chanel trunk show that the Diamond Stitch is being released again for Spring/Summer. However, I don't know if it is the small or large size.
  6. Thanks Cougess, I will call NM Tysons Corner today and see if it is still there.

    And Thanks Bellabags, if I don't get the one from NM, now I have something to look forward to!
    Happy 2007!
  7. I bought the smaller(11"x7") diamond stitch in black last night from the Neiman Marcus catalog. They may have more....
  8. ^^Does the smaller tote fit comfortably under your arm? Can it be a shoulder bag or is it kind of boxy? Also what was the retail on the smaller tote if you don't mind me asking. Thanks!
  9. I should get it early next week and I'll post pics modeling it. It costs $1625. If you go to the Chanel reference library, they have the item # and catalog page. Thats where I got the info and I went to neimanmarcus.com and just tried it and was amazed to see that the diamond stitch was available. I hope it fits under the arm well, I have really skinny arms.
  10. ^^I have the smaller size and it holds quite a bit. The DS fits comoftably on the shoulder and even with a light coat. I think there are pics in the Reference Library of it on my shoulder. This is a gret every day bag and very durable. I think $1625 is what I paid. You ladies will love this bag.
  11. I don't get the catalog. Is there a number you can direct to me that I can call? Thanks!
  12. You ordered it online!?!:nuts: It says it is no longer available. :sad: I didn't know you could order that way online though. Pretty cool! Well enjoy your new bag. What color did you get? Definitely post pictures. :yes:
  13. I can't see your pics. :sad:
  14. ^ I PM'd Swanky to see if she can fix it.
  15. I was on the Chanel wait list and received a call the Friday before Xmas. The Chanel boutiques received what they call the larger size diamond stitch tote in black. I was on wait list for medium which is priced at $1625. The larger is $1750. Chanel was doing the bag again in black and white and this was the beginning of the reorder. Anyway by the time I got back to Brendan in Manhattan they were all gone but he tracked one down for me in Plam Beach. They had 4 at the time. I received this bag two weeks ago and I love love love it! I thought it would be too large but no. It is the PERFECT everyday bag and am so thrilled with my purchase.