Want but shouldn't have?

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  1. OMG...I just fell in love with a Gucci purse, but I really shouldn't buy it...but I just keep thinking about it day and night. I'm using all the self control I have right now, but it's making me feel sooooo bad. :cry:

    Is there something you really really want, but you know your shouldn't get it, and you really hold yourself from doing it? Please tell me, so I can feel better about my decision!
  2. Great thread!

    I really, really, really want to keep my car in Chicago. However, paying $200 a month to house it, plus killer parking fees everywhere in the city... I really should save that money.
  3. I keep eyeing a Balenciaga Weekender, but the :angel: on my one shoulder is winning the debate. It's been very hard to resist. Thank god you can't have alcohol while pregnant or else that angel would have no chance!!! :shame:
  4. i too really wanted a balenciaga weekender, but thanks God i know i can't afford it :P
  5. Everything, I'm trying to buy some property but it's such a struggle to put that money away. I'm just trying to cut superfluous expenses down to zero so I can get there faster !!
  6. Hahahaha...that is very good. maybe I need alcohol and say, "the heck with savings!" Or maybe you just feed the alcohol to the DH? :graucho:
  7. That's a good goal!!!
    With the prices of property around here, I gave up...I've decided to just spend on superfluous goods. ;)
  8. I want a Cartier Roadster but another watch is probably the last thing I need at this time. But I want it so bad:nuts:
  9. MOre bags. Period. I'm about to leave for the outlets so that's no help.
  10. I REALLY want to spend my paycheck on more than one Coach purse, and whiel I can afford it, I know it wouldn't be practical. Chances are though, I will buy more than one purse.
  11. There are so many purses and accessories floating around in my head right now just haunting me! :cry: I really dont need to be spending anymore money, schools almost here again.
  12. Everything.

    Now that I am in NYC I am more in love with shopping and bags than ever... it is BAD. I need to hit the lotto.
  13. i still want a paddy.. don't have one.. but i can't get it till late dec or early next yr but i keep looking for one........... in the mean time, i buy other things to feed my thirst and hunger.. lol lol
  14. I really, really, want a Hermes Paris-Bombay bag. I really, really, should not spend that kind of money on a bag. I also really want a new LV bag...again, shouldn't spend the money.

    Uggg, I hate wanting things!!! Wouldn't it be awesome if we could take a little pill that would make us happy with everything we currently have and never want anything else???

    NO!!!!! :smile:
  15. For quite a while, I've been wanting a Balenciaga city. I was doing good until I seen pics of it in blueberry. I couldn't stay strong any longer and yesterday I put an order in for one. Sorry probably not a story you wanted to hear.
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