Want Bernie Madoff's Ring?

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  1. It's set to be auctioned along with 400 other items in NYC. I always said I preferred a larger stone in an emerald cut...here it is....10 carats :biggrin: They declined to say if it was his wife's, I hope for his sake it was!

  2. Was this at Christies today?
    If so I think it sold for $1,050,000 plus buyers premium.
  3. Can't argue with your rationale Kat99! 10 cts seem just right for an emerald cut if I do say so myself!
  4. VLV, I believe the 10+ carat diamond ring above is for the auction taking place in NY next month. It is supposedly an engagement ring of his wife's.
  5. Many more of their possessions are up on the auction block Nov. 13th: http://txauction.com/

    It's a legit US Marhsal's auction site. I purchased 2 LVs and a Chanel from the DC Teacher's Union seizure, all authentic with tags on from NM and Saks!!!
  6. Leah, thanks for the clarification!

    Wondering why they wouldn't send Ruth's ring to an auction house? They'd get more for it.
  7. wow ... although tainted by dirty money ...
  8. Yes tisk tisk tisk.
  9. I'm glad it's being sold to repay his victims rather than socked away by his wife to finance her standard of living. LOL DC-Cutie I'm happy for you that the woman had fine taste and no scruples ;)!
  10. thats some rock
  11. I guess because they don't want to pay those exorbitant auction house fees! ;)
  12. #12 Oct 23, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2010
    Beautiful, beautiful ring..... however, was purchased with dirty money. I hope that this ring is the first of many processions auctioned off to replay the many victims that his creed caused terrible suffering...
  13. That DH's theory too.

    Also wondeirng if Madoof & the auction houses have same of the same clients. yikes
  14. I'd say most people would rather have his head on a plate!
  15. ^LOL!

    He destroyed so many people. Its good to see they recovered valuables, although they will need to recover a lot to re-pay what he took.