Want Baby Cabas-- SF Bay area

  1. Any idea where to buy a Baby Cabas? I'm not particular about color. Thanks if you know where to get one!
  2. If you want navy, try the Neiman Marcus catalog number. I was told they are in stock by my SA.
  3. Try Bloomingdales NYC -212-705-2000-ask for Chanel Handbags ask to speak to Lisa she is the manager and my S/A. They just got some in on Thursday. She was sending out my khaki one yesterday. Not sure if they had other colors or if all of the ones they rec'd were already spoken for.
    If you call please tell her I gave you her info.
  4. It just occurred to me that maybe I should not have said to tell Lisa the S/A @ Bloomingdales that I gave her contact info. I just want to make sure it is clear that she is not a member of this forum, and the only benefit from telling her I gave her contact info was so she would understand why someone she does not know was asking for her by name. Hope that is OK w/ the mods and I did not do anything contrary to the PF rules. LOVE this forum too much to screw up my membership.
  5. you're a doll, thank you!
  6. Your welcome Dana!!:yes: I sure hope Lisa can help you she has been EXTREMEMLY helpful when I wanted to purchase something. Please post if you find the cabas you are wanting.
  7. Penny, I called and spoke with Lisa and guess what? She said you are the only one who got a bronze baby cabas :smile: I did find one on eBay, I was soooo fortunate. A few were listed right after I bought mine, they are now going for well over $2,000 ... I got mine for $1975 including shipping. Whew!