Want an accessory in pomme d'amour - which one?


Which pomme d'amour goodie?

  1. Billfold wallet

  2. Ludlow wallet

  3. Clés

  4. A bag instead - please specify

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. It's either a billfold (snapped billfold & coin purse, $575), but I already have a silver vernis one, the ludlow ($ 335, it would be my first, but I have the mc portemonnaie plats and I am on the waitlist for the Dentelle) or a cles ($200 - but I have three already, cb, cerises and charms.

    I would like something I can use daily and also fits in a pochette. Or do you have any other ideas? :confused1: I don't want to have stuff I don't use.

    Or should I just get a bag instead, I'm still thinking about that Brentwood ($1390!) :love:. That would have to wait until summer though.
    Thank you for your input :wlae:
  2. Not everyone at the same time please, lol!
  3. As much as I like this color, I think it might be a bit much in a bag...better for accent pieces :smile:
  4. ITA! My vote for Ludlow.
  5. Get a bag (Roxbury Drive :graucho:)
  6. The Roxbury looks heavenly but it would be "a bit much" to use from day to day. We're not so fancy here most of the time, I'm afraid :smile: So anybody else for the ludlow? What about the Dentelle though? I can't justify two ludlows.
  7. may be a bag......style....oh.....i don't know...i just work up..£_£
  8. ^lol! Good morning. It's already 9.30 pm here :smile:
  9. if you already have wallets, what about an agenda? i just got it and it is amazing!
  10. Hi elmel, I'm already using my new-ish blue groom agenda :drool:
  11. Reade PM!
  12. Normally I'd say the cles but since you already have three, I'd get the Ludlow.
  13. billford
  14. How about the pomme d'amour heart-shaped coin purse ($350) or the envelope plate ($390)? That would be something different....but also gorgeous! If you really want a bag, wait for the Brentwood!

    Good luck with your decision!!
  15. i voted for the ludlow:heart: