want a wow bag!

  1. hi lv gals
    i want to buy a new (wow) bag and i need it bad..
    ive been out of the bag scene the last couple of months as i gave birth to lovely boy and was soooo busy:push:,the last bag i got was the reviting but i feel that i want a change..
    so what do u suggest???
    whats new?
  2. le fab in white is pretty impressive looking
    trevi is pretty, but not that attention grabbing, so i don't know if it's a lil subtle for what you're going for...

    i say if you want a WOW bag, you should go for something in white MC!
  3. Hmmm... Suhali is coming out with silver and gold again!!!

    Maybe you can wait till then and get one of those.. now that would be WOW in a big way!!!

    I believe the new line will be out at Xmas.
  4. an MC bag or something in vernis pomme
  5. anything in mirage is wow!
  6. My LV WOW! bag is a Suhali.
  7. how about the red epi lockit. i love the pop of the red colour.
  8. Mirage or the new suhali gold/silver lockits.
  9. Perle or Copper Limelight Clutch.

    Anything from the Mirage line.

    MC Ursula or Rita.

    Gold or Silver Suahli Lockit (when they come out).
  10. I'd say something in Suhali. That whole line is like WOOOOW! :drool:
  11. I agree a Suhali le fab or a nimbus from the cloud line...
  12. Suhali's always a 'WOW'!
  13. Here's another WOW bag that I just saw IRL today: black Motard Biker. Holy smokes, that is one fabulous bag!! The price is steep at $4000 USD, but wow, wow, wow!

  14. Agree I saw one of these today (Rita) I almost snapped my neck to get a better look I never considered it before but they are stunning! Plus she's a biggish bag with hand or shoulder strap which is useful when you have your baby with you (Congrats!)
  15. thanx to all of u gals and ur lovely recommendations
    i was considering le fab - mirage- rita

    but if the le fab is coming in gold or silver then i'll definetaly wait for itbut
    is there a waiting list?
    pics anyone?

    lable addict
    thanx alooot...(for the congrats:smile: )