Want a Speedy but worried about how to carry it?

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  1. i have always been an over the shoulder kind of girl, but I really want the mini lin speedy in ebene, mostly because of the print... Ive never had a non-over the sholder bag... will it be hard to adjust? Im worried, i dont want to regret getting it if it seems to odd to carry and i end up not using it.. what do you think?
  2. well, it might take adjusting but that's the fun of variety IMO! I don't think you can go wrong with a speedy...you can carry it handheld or in the crook of your arm which I think it soooo ladylike and elegant.
  3. I still don't quie know how to carry mine. Sometimes it feels akward. But I'll get used to it. thing is I never noticed how much I use my hands orwant my hands free before I got this handheld bag... Now I'm rethinking it... :sad:
  4. Its always nice to have a change :biggrin:
  5. I think you will get used to it. A lot of times, even with a shoulder bag, you end up carrying it in the crook of your arm or hand--especially if you wear winter coats. I think that change is good and you should try it out!
  6. I was the exact same way. I only owned shoulder bags. I was not sure if I would like a speedy. I am suprised how much I like it. I think my next bag is going to be another mini lin speedy but in dune this time.

  7. Do you use and love your ebene mini lin speedy? I have been thinking about this bag for a while but, worry about the sag...my mono 30 has sag and I do not mind but, wonder if the mini lin would be even more so...
  8. I never had a handbag until I bought my mini lin speedy. And, to be honest, I love it even more than any other bag I have owned. It does sag a bit more than the regular speedy, but I fixed that with the purseket. It's definitely fun to carry!
  9. ok one more question abou tthis style... is it "dressy" enough to carry for a night out at a fancy restaraunt, or a night out, etc..??

    ok.. i think im definatly getting it, and a purseket to match.. lol
  10. Yes! I have the 30 and I think it's a bit big for nights out. I want to get a 25 to take with me when I go out, but the Speedy is perfect for any occasion. I also have a Mini Sac which is PERFECT, but a little small for some of the things I carry. ;)
  11. I always preferred a shoulder bag, hated hand held bags.....until I hurt my shoulder, and now I am more comfy using both style bags. I think maybe before you invest in a hand held LV bag, try carrying another hand held for about a week to see if you can tolerate it. That should help you decide. Good luck !!
  12. I agree with Puursegrrrl, carrying the speedy in the crook of your arm is very ladylike (and fun). I never carry mine in my hand. I don't think it's a good purse for a tomboys or someone who really needs to use their hands a lot. I think it can be dressy enough for going out at night depending on what the rest of your outfit looks like :smile:
  13. I used to only buy shoulder bags, and my first LV was a Mussette Salsa so I wore that over my shoulder- but switching to a handheld was surprisingly easy! Carrying a nice bag in the crook of your arm feels sort of glamorous if you are used to messenger type bags, and holding it in your hand as you walk puts a little swing into your step. I love it.;)
  14. I was a shoulder bag girl (exclusively). Now, post-speedy, I really prefer hand helds. Good luck. It does take some getting used to though!
  15. I try to rotate my bags. I try not to carry the same bag for more then a few days in a row.

    I really love my Mini Lin Speedy. I don't like the saggy look. I took a DVD case and opened it up and put it on the bottom. It fits perfect and there is no sag. (I learned this trick here on TPF) :tup: