Want a satchel..can't decide which...

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  1. Looking at the Su-Shi Old Skool and Treesje Warhol. The Su-Shi has better colors..but I can't decide! Is one softer and less structured?
  2. What do they look like?
  3. OK. I looked them up. I like the style of the Old Skool and especially the following one;

    But, since I haven't bought a Su-shi bag, I don't know how the quality is. However, I do own Treesje and the quality is very high. Are Su-shi bags available here in L.A. and if so where? I wonder if Fred Segals carries them.

    The satchel bag that I love is the Luana Meg satchel bag. I just took one of mine out of one of my handbag containers as I switch bags about every week. I have 6 Luana Meg bags; 4 mini ones and 2 large ones. I got them at Nordstrom Rack and for a big markdown of less than half price and then take an additional 20% or 25% off. www.endless.com still has them I think.

    There is a thread here discussing the Luana Meg bag as it was quite popular. I posted on that thread. It looks similar to the Treesje Warhol.
  4. I think the Su-shi is the better looking bag, but I'm sure I remember there being issues with the quality of the leather on this bag (a search of this forum will probably dig this up.)

    The Treesje bag looks pretty good in black - I like the whip-stitch edging. I just wish they'd made the buckle straps in the same plain leather. I don't like the white one that pops up everywhere when you do a google search.

    But there are ZILLIONS of really nice satchels on the market just now, so why not expand your search a bit, and see if you can find one that is a dead cert for you? :smile:

    - Lips
  5. The Sushis look gorgeous, but as Lips says there have been problems reported and there's a real sea of satchels around to chooose from right now. As for the Treesje, I only have the Asher and it's on the heavy side. Weight might be something you want to check out before buying, but the Warhol is a nice bag that I hadn't seen before.
  6. I love the Warhol... haven't owned either so no help there but I was very close to pulling the trigger on the Warhol because I liked the ease of use combined with the satchel look. Su-Shi's colours are awesome though...
  7. It's just hard because alot of the ones I am interested in are too expensive, or I can't see IRL to check the weight
  8. I think the Chloe Marcy Satchels are the most beautiful and best quality out there right now! :smile:
  9. That Frye makes me think of a Fossil satchel that someone posted on tPF recently - Su-shi money ballpark, if I'm not mistaken.

    @diann-co - I've been buying a few bags from German labels Liebeskind and Fredsbruder recently - you should check them out as they are very competitively priced and the leather is lush. Both have satchels in their range. For me, this one is a winner...


    ...It's got an old school feel to it, but it isn't the same, two-buckles-and-a-top-handle format that everyone seems to be rocking. Or have a look at the Scaramanga range - they've got old school down to a tee...


    Good luck!

    - Lips
  10. I love the distressing on that Frye satchel. Just can't believe the number of satchels that are kicking around. And Scaramanga certainly knows the score as well.
  11. And the gorgeous Frye one is the one in the plum color. I couldn't find it in that color at any place except Nordstrom. Maybe it's exclusive to them. And the distressing was just right.
  12. That Frye satchel really is the business, bagolicious :drool: Old Skool with a touch of chic. But damn, I am buying no more bags this year! I'm still waiting on my Burberry messenger, having bought numerous treats over the past few months. Then again, my willpower isn't the best!
  13. I always say that I'm not buying anymore bags for a while. But, that lasts about two seconds. LOL!
  14. God help our bank accounts! :biggrin: