Want a Sabrina very much!!!

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  1. Hello,
    I am fairly new here and wanted to say hi and tell you all how much I am coveting this bag. But I really am not in a position to afford it or justify it since I am a student and SAHM with three kids. My husband works but we are middle to lower class at this time in the economy. My only real justification would be that if I were to get this bag I would have it a very long time as I tend to keep the same bag for years (even my cheapies which are all I have ever owned.)

    Is it wrong for me to want this? Is it wrong if I were to find a way to buy it?

    Are there any places that will take payments because I only have a debit and no CC?

    Thanks for reading.
  2. I don't know about payments, but you could try the outlets. Lots of great deals there, not sure if you can score a Sabrina though. Outlets do take debit cards although there isn't any payment plans.
  3. well what DH and I do is give oursevles a small amount of spending $ per pay. i put 25% of mine aside in a bag fun (this has recently been a jewellery fund since i got my sabrina) it doesnt take long ot save up enough for the bag. and then u have no guilt
  4. Unfortunately there are no outlets near me.

    I guess since I cannot afford to pay the full amount outright I probably shouldn't be thinking of buying it. :sad:

    sorry for the whining:sad:

    Gabz, that actually is a great idea but it will be hard for me saving anything for me because I have a 14, 12 and 9 yr old who always need money for something (usually school or sports related.)
  5. I have Christmas & b-day $ saved up to buy the Sabrina I want. I'm still a bit short, so I will save some of the babysitting $ I get for watching nephew, until I have enough. I figure I'll have enough in about a month.
  6. PLEASE......don't be sad!!!! I don't think you are alone in wanting a beautiful purse. I myself am a SAHM and I understand how you can feel guilty for wanting something for yourself, that no one else in the family can benefit from. I would say to thank your lucky stars Coach has no CC for people to use. It would take a person with some seriously STRONG willpower NOT to max out that card in one shopping trip....or is that just me??? Anyway, I believe everyone in this forum can feel your "pain" in some way or another. I know tax season is just starting, so maybe if you get a refund this year, you might be able to "splurge" and get one for your self....they might be at the outlet by then, or on ebay??? Just a suggestion. :heart:
  7. I did see one on the bay last night, I think it was the black Opart signature in the sm./medium size for $225 or best offer. If that helps at all. We all have things we want and can't get right away! I'm sure they'll get less and less expensive and people who purchased when they were newly released will be selling theirs on online auction sites! Something to strive for!!! She's a great bag! Good Luck!!!
  8. Thank you Thank you all so much for such sweet replies and some very good advice and for understanding.
  9. Don't fret, I myself am a SAHM and am constantly wanting something, but I always find that when the time is right everything falls into place. I went for quite some time without getting any new bags, or anything in any manner, and then the last few years financially things picked up. Sabrina is a gorgeous bag! I swear I saw a seller on the bay offering a payment plan for their bags... can you even do that on *Bay? In the auction I think they wanted around $30 something a month. So, I guess you could always check that out. Good luck!
  10. perhaps you can take on a small part-time job in the evenings or while the kiddies are at school...all women want to be flattered and this will allow you an opportunity to flatter yourself :tup:
  11. I have another suggestion. Why not try selling some unwanted (but of course, sellable) stuff on Craigslist or something like that? Or even host a garage sale? This might not bring you big bucks, but you'll be surprised how a few dollars here and there from items you don't need start to add up towards a new purchase!

    Good luck with it~
  12. Honey if you know any military wives ask them if you can shop at the exchange on thier post the best thing is that you can put the bags on layaway they usually have the same bags as the boutiqus but like 10-20% cheaper and like I said you can put them on layaway I have never used it but if they ever get my hg bag I will soo be doing it lol one of my friends told me about it I never knew that you could do that I just thought like shoes or clothes lol. I hope that helps I love being a military wife lol
  13. All these ideas are wonderful ladies, and I appreciate it so much. I forgot also that I have some college text books to sell back.

    As for the job, this is definitely in my plans but right now I have full time school during the day and I also have some night classes this semester so I have to find a work around but what I am doing is looking for a weekend position.

    I used to be in the Navy and the Exchange was wonderful, in fact my hubby and I, when we were newlyweds were able to almost fully furnish our apartment via the Navy exchange. Not sure where one is close to me now though. Do they sell Coach bags?

    Thanks again!
  14. I didn't know about the layaway at the exchange. I'm going to check that out. Thanks.
  15. a coach seller on ebay does layaway, about 20 or 30 dollars a month.