Want a new winter coat-help me please!~

  1. I really want a new winter coat and have been looking at all the fashion magazines and just am not sure what would look good on me.

    I was hoping you ladies who have a hell of a lot more fashion sense than me, could help me out.

    here's the deal, I can't afford expensive, I am thinking in the $150 or under range. I am 41 years old, 5' 1", large breasted, dark curly hair and, I am not telling you my weight :shame:, but, I wear a size 16 in jeans.

    I prefer darker colors since I work with kids.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Have you looked on Burlington Coat Factory? Are you looking for wool? They have a ton on their website. Most in the $75-$120 range. I bought a long wool coat with a fur trimmed hood there a couple years back.
  3. Burlington is great-i was hoping for more advice on what sort of style would look good on me and be fashionable. I like wool-but, not sure long is the way to go. Thanks!
  4. Have you considered a longish cape, or shawl?
  5. I'm thinking a longer shawl collar would look good in a rich color like chocolate perhaps? Chech out Bluefly they have some beautiful coats especially the Via Spiga ones