Want a Minkoff MA - Does anyone know the discount codes?

  1. I am looking for a black Morning After, but I would like the style that has silver over the gold. I was wondering if anyone had some discount codes to various sites, so that I may have more of a selection. Thank you!
  2. Well...I think the best way to go about it would be to first find where you can purchase a Black MAB with silver hardware, and then look for a corresponding code. Have you found a store that carries that bag?
  3. Try the Deals & Steals forum.
  4. Also grechenscloset.com has some codes for sites that have RM.
  5. The RM website http://www.rebeccaminkoff.com/site.html has a list of all the online stores that sell her bags so this may help you find what you're looking for. Also, to find coupon codes, you can do a google search with 'coupon code' and the name of the store and usually something comes up, or as another pf'er said, the Deals and Steals section might have something listed... :yes: