Want a maltese..help please

  1. Hi all,

    I would like to get a maltese as a family pet. I live in the nyc area and don't know much about how to get one. The only thing that I do know is not to go to a pet shop. Can someone point me to a reliable breeder? TIA
  2. I've found the best place to meet dog breeders is at a dog show.

    Please be careful of the internet! While reputable breeders often have their own web sites, so do puppy mills posing as reputable breeders.

    Good luck in your search!:smile:
  3. try, puppyfind.com?
  4. Check petfinder.com and the local shelters. People will abandon any kind of dog.
  5. that site is full of bad breders, don't go there. like bag-mania said, the best place is a dog show. infodog.com also has some good breeders. the best place of course is to rescue! do lots of research before buying, make sure appropriate health tests are performed, etc.
  6. I got my Maltese 12 years ago but I just looked in the classifieds in my local paper. The people that bred her had only her and the mother and the people seemed kind of yucky but I fell in love at first sight with her!