Want a good creamy compact foundation - HELP!

  1. Hi all. I need a non-comedogenic (or oil-free) creamy compact foundation (not a powder one). I need one with good coverage--to cover redness, blemishes. I've tried Vincent Longo Water Canvas and I guess it's the best one so far. I've also tried Bobbi Brown even-finish compact foundation and while the color and coverage is pretty good, it doesn't wear well--it fades off.

    I've read good things about Chanel Tient Innocence compact--does it have good, lasting coverage? Any other recommendations??

    Thanks! :drool:
  2. Teint Innocence is a great foundation, I love it. The compact lasts for a long time, even longer with a primer or some loose powder to set it.
  3. Teint Innocence is what I used forever, before switching to Benefit; I just don't need that heavy of coverage all the time and benefit is much lighter. For what you need it for I'd highly recommend the Teint Innocence. The coverage is incredible and flawless.
  4. Oooohh I'm lured to Chanel Tient Innocence so far!! Thanks for the info.

    Sometimes brand-name products (MAC, Chanel, Dior) don't say "non comedogenic" on the package of foundation...but the Sales people will say "all our products are oil free/ non-comedogenic"....I don't know if I should believe them or not??? :confused1:
  5. Shiseido makes a good one. They come in refills, too.
  6. Well you should always wear a primer, it keeps the makeup from getting into your pores and it makes it last longer. Primer is great because it protects your skin from pollutants, UV rays, foundation clogging your pores, etc. With some primer and the Teint Innocence you will love your skin. :yes:
  7. Try Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Cream Makeup. It has great coverage and no powder. Also, MAC moistureblend (I believe).
  8. I think I'm going to have to try Chanel Tient Innocence after reading this!!
  9. I just bought the tient innocence last night and im wearing it today and so far I love it, Its really nice and flawless. I say go give it a try =)
  10. ^ YAY! Glad it worked out for you cher! So far everyone loves the Chanel products I recommend them. I advise people to try Teint Innocence, Inimitable mascara, and the glossimers ALL the time. :tup:
  11. What's the difference between using toner and a primer?
  12. They are used for completely different reasons. Toner should be used after washing your face, especially when it is too drying for your skin. It balances the pH levels and moisturizes. Primer is applied before foundation because it makes it last longer, acts as a sunscreen, protects skin from pollutants and keeps the makeup from clogging pores.
  13. If you need a good primer, try That Gal from benefit. I LOVE it.
  14. thanks priiin for your advice. I went out today and bought the teint innocence myself and I love it! You have such great suggestions!
  15. Another Teint Innocence devotee! It's the best you'll ever come across. My huge pored face looks flawless with it on.