Want a Froggie! Can Someone Recommend a Good MJ SA?

  1. I really love the new sparkly and frog-clasp bags for Spring, I'd like to get on a waitlist for one. If anyone could recommend it SA that is good, it would be so very helpful!

  2. gabby at the nyc mj boutique is helpful, super nice, and a favorite with a few other tpf members as well. give her a call at (212) 343-1490.
  3. Tiffany at the MJ Boutique in S.F. is my newest fav. She will go the extra mile to find you something special. She's at 415-362-6500
  4. Thank you so much girls! :flowers: I'm really excited about the new S/S collection, esp. these:

  5. bianca at the boston MJ boutique was really helpful and super friendly :smile:
  6. I vote for Gabby at the Mercer St. MJ!! Super helpful!!!
  7. Can anyone post or pm me Gabby's email address? I want to send her a picture of that Froggie bag. I talked to an SA today, and I don't think they know what I"m talking about w/ out the pic (People kept asking me if I meant Fergie bag :p)