Want a cure for PMS now!

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  1. Forget the mood swings and bloating, I want to stop eating like a pig.
    Right now I am on a steady diet of Marie Callendars Chicken Pot Pies. But don't worry, I'm washing them down with Cadbury Cream Eggs.

  2. Whoa buddy. Wanna go to PF Changs with DH and I for lunch?
  3. Ummmm. Chaaaaangs. I'm turning into Homer Simpson. Time to get the moo moo out.
  4. I'm right there with you... I have eaten 3 of my brothers protein bars today- that are specifically for him to GAIN weight. Why did I eat 3?!?!?!

    Booo for hormones!
  5. Take evening primrose oil (or starflower oil it's stronger) to balance hormones.
    Vitamin B6 for water retention and cramps (raspberry leaf is also good for cramps)
    Chromium to balance blood sugar to prevent cravings.

    Viola PMS be gone!!

    ANY prescription meds or health conditions see a Doc. first
  6. My PMS week o' hell is starting this week :yucky: I can feel the cravings coming. I took some tilapia out of the freezer for dinner, but instead I know I will have the leftover pizza from last night instead. Argh!

    PS - Cadbury Creme Eggs are the best :drool:
  7. I too have just cured my pms with cadbury creme eggs! lol
  8. I love Cadbury cream eggs! lol. Chocolate is great for PMS - it has caffeine in it. Midol works amazingly well for a boxed product too. :smile:
  9. Heeehehehe I'm just like you. I want to eat ALL DAY LONG. ANYTHING! I wish I had a cure, but as you can see, I'm far from it! Sowwy :sweatdrop:
  10. Ive being eyeing homemade apple pies @ Hot n crusty lately. That and a dozen snicker bars.
  11. PIE CRUST! Sweet and salty. Just the way I like it. Breaking into the Pinot Noir now.....wonder if I still have some strawberries in the fridge....
  12. You are totally right... I just have such large cravings!
  13. All you need to do now is dip those strawberries in some chocolate and were in business. :supacool:
  14. Could do without eating like a horse and bloating, but I kind of look forward to being a cranky beeyatch for a week.