Want 2 cancel person who won my auction they didnt pay yet, how do i get my fees back

  1. I want to know:

    the person who won my auction isnt in the US or CA and they didnt read my listing that said WONT SHIP OUTSIDE US OR CA

    SOOOO I want to cancel it (they didnt pay yet) i sent an invoice but no communication (this was a few hours ago that they won)

    and i want to cancel it and just relist it i see it being too much trouble to ship out of the US and they may not want to pay when they see the xtra $40 for shipping and insurance out of the US

    and so i want to know how do i get eBay to give me back my listing fees/relist it without charging me again and she is the one who did BIN and didnt read that i dont ship to england

    AND how do i get back my fees for the % they take from sold price

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP! :smile: THANKS!:confused1:
  2. You have to wait 7 days to file to get your final value fees back. You can file on the 8th day - you will only get your fees back if the buyer does not respond to your invoice in those 7 days or if the buyer agrees to a "buyer and seller mutually agree to not complete the transaction" (or whatever it's called). Otherwise, you are pretty much SOL and out your fees.
  3. Please double check it with your buyer if they have a us mailing address. My friend who lives in Taiwan, but uses her brother's US address. Most seller asked her before going to cancel the deal, but one seller was so quick to report my friend as an "unwelcomed buyer" , my friend got very very angry....
    Hope things work out for you!
  4. What did they told you when you explained to them about this issue ??
  5. If they truly broke your rules to the auction, you can report them to eBay as unwelcome bidding. They should credit you the fees immediately and you won't have to wait the 7 days. Good luck!
  6. i didn't know you could report unwelcomed bidding. i might have to find out a little baout that.