Wanna work for Louis? Check your local want ads!

  1. Hey all! It's summer...and that means summer jobs!

    For those of you interested in a job in Paradise...we're hiring!!

  2. wow awesome, wish I still lived in Hawaii.
  3. Aha cool thats abit far for me . Someone here go and get the job and give us some inside dirt please? :nuts: x
  4. Wow thats amazing for someone living in Hawaii!
  5. LOL.... was going to make this a poll, but I got distracted....

    If I wasn't travelling this summer, I would submit a resume!! :tup:
  6. JKP: Don't even tempt me, lol. If it were on Oahu, I'd consider being that I hate my current job sooo much.
  7. Aww.... hope things improve RG.....

    This was in Sunday's paper.... I hope I won't regret not applying when the school year starts up again! :girlsigh:
  8. omg, so cool!!
  9. If only i lived anywhere near! But no.
  10. if a tpfer got that job they'd be the best damm SA EVER!!!! but sadly also the poorest
  11. Awesome! Hope someone here can work there!! But Japanese/English...wow!
  12. Yes, if I worked there I'd be giving them a check at the end of the week.:graucho:
  13. aww...too bad its only in hawaii.
  14. Now that would be an interesting job. I hope someone from here can apply.
  15. I'd be broke too!