Wanna tell you about the girl I love...my, she looks so fine!

  1. Yesterday, the nice Fedex man delivered a package, and I had to wait an agonizing five hours before I could come home and open it! My new baby isn't brand-spankin' new, but very close. Her previous owner (awesome lady, you know who you are :flowers:) had wrapped it carefully, and the bag was even tied with a lovely LV ribbon. I opened it to find...my beautiful, pristine Manhattan PM!!! :yahoo:

    This bag is a definite keeper, for practical reasons. It's exactly the right size to fit all my stuff, including my small agenda, cerises pochette, wapity, and even the case for my new Dior sunnies :supacool: -- which is the size of Utah. The zipper opens wide enough so that I can see and get to everything easily. Her outside pockets are perfect for small treasures; I have my pink mini-multitool, security token for work, and USB flash drive in one side, and my favorite MAC lippies in the other. I think my iPod mini would fit in one of the pockets, but haven't tried that yet. For comparison, I'd say the Manhattan PM fits more than the Ellipse PM, but slightly less than the Speedy 25 - just because I can't throw in a bottle of water on top of everything else.

    But it's not all about practicality of course, the Manhattan PM is beautiful too. :girlsigh:She looks chic and sophisticated, but not prissy or fussy. She's professional enough for work, but doesn't mind going casual either. I was worried about her looking too small on me (I'm not a petite girl), but in reality, she's proportionately perfect for me. I am in serious love with this bag! :love:

    You know, I've bought and returned/traded/sold several (OK....five) bags over the past few months, trying to find the right one for me. I've even ventured :wtf: into the realms of other designers, but I keep coming back to :heart: LV. People complain about the Manhattan being heavy because of all the hardware, but after carrying Chloe for a few weeks, this LV is a featherweight. After returning the Tulum GM, I thought maybe I wasn't a Mono girl, but I've had zero hesitation about carrying this bag - somehow it doesn't feel ostentatious at all.

    Hey, hey, what can I do? :angel:
    manhattan_2.jpg manhattan_in1.jpg manhattan_7.jpg manhattan_4.jpg
  2. Congrats!!!
  3. looove it. its gorgeous.
  4. :yahoo: Congratulations!
    It sounds perfect.
  5. It's lovely! Enjoy!
  6. That bag is absolutely beautiful.....WOW it fits quite a lot!! I'm so happy for you!!
  7. Damn! i want that bag
  8. congrats!
  9. congratulations!!! the manhattan pm is so beautiful.
  10. Congrats! Hopefully you've found your match. :smile:
  11. Absolutely stunning. Love it....Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  12. It's very beautifu!!! congrats...love that bag..
  13. this is a fantastic bag - enjoy!
  14. Manhattan is tdf, congrats :heart:
  15. I LOVE LOVE LVOE that bag!! Congrats!