Wanna show off - my Dior goodies :)

  1. so ladies, my new two Dior babies arrived ...thought its time to introduce them to the family ! :nuts: also my beloved mini dolly set ...shoes in the next post ! ;)
    diordiva.JPG diorlizardclose.JPG minitrotter.JPG diorfamily.JPG minidollyset.JPG
  2. shoes....2 last pairs on the way to me ! :yahoo: now i have to start working seriously on my wish list to make her come true as well ! :graucho:
    gauchopumps2.JPG s&m3.JPG egypt1.JPG 97c5_1.jpg a961_1.jpg
  3. wowww :smile: lots of Dior shoes! The Rasta ones are soo cool
  4. You bought the Dior Trotter Romantique Small Flap bag in velvet? Its GORGEOUS!! Your shoes are beautiful. And the bow necklace and matching ring are to die for! I love them all.

  5. i know i cant wait to wear them! thx justin ! :nuts: plus there are jeanne pumps somewhere in the world being delivered to Dublin for me ...:yes:

  6. thank you so much hun ! :yahoo: a lovely PFer helped me to get my mini trotter and she has my eternal gratitude for that ! :heart:
  7. Congrats! and great collection you've got there!
  8. i love the dior jewellry its one of my favorites ! and the shoes are TDF !
  9. Oh very nice Natalia!!! I love those black leather shoes, shoe pic #2. They are HOT!!!! :nuts:
  10. Adorable! I like the pink bag!
  11. [​IMG]I love this bag!!!!
  12. WOW!!!! NICE BAGS!!!!! HOT SHOES!!!!! AMAZING purchases you have there!!!! and most of all NICE legs!!!!!!! :woohoo:
  13. Totally gorgeous!!
  14. Congrats
  15. They're gorgeous!I love the pink bag.