Wanna show off and need help to name my violin!

  1. Let’s get the showing off over first, LOL. I am a bit bored so I decided to take up violin seriously again having been on and off for eight years after I stopped going to school so now I have this lovely Japanese violin lady who comes and teaches me at 9am twice a week. Anyway, today I went to her place instead because she wanted to record me playing to show me my mistakes. So if you want to hear me stumbling around, open the virus-free MP3 attachment of my version of Double Violin Concerto in D Minor BWV 1043: I. Vivace by J.S. Bach. I'm not sure what grade this is but it doesn't really matter because if I want to get the certificate I have to start doing the theory exams as well and I'm very bad at passing exams :p. Once you have followed the link, look on the right and click download file.

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    Confession time: I cheated :greengrin: because I am showing you only the middle 2:30 out of 4 minutes (I am only given this part to go home and correct). Anyway, this is my best piece by far and, as the name suggests, it has to be played by 2 people so the emphasis on the harmony between the 2 violins does not accentuate my frigidness as much (but you can hear that I got overwhelmed very quickly by the increased tempo at 1:03 :sweatdrop: ).

    While you are here with me, let’s go to my next weird and wonderful problem…I have ordered an Italian violin from a Cremonese luthier last month but apparently I need a name for it, LOL. In fact I am being very naughty because I am not allowed to call my violin it, I have to call my violin her! Anyway, I am told that it is ready but I am going to St. Lucia to see the Cricket World Cup this Thursday so I have six weeks to think about her name. N.B. for American ladies, cricket is the English predecessor of baseball but it takes up the whole day and the main point becomes having a picnic instead, LOL.

    Actually can I say this? This is more difficult than naming a baby. :lol: I have thought up of both boy’s and girl’s baby name already but naming a violin is way too abstract for me, LOL. At this rate, I probably need a baptism as well as a confirmation service! May be the ladies who have named their pets (or those who have names for their bags) can help me!

    Preliminary name: Emily - no particular reason except I think it sounds OK to call a violin Emily if that’s not too crazy :sweatdrop:. May be if I have a Stradivarius then I may start calling it/her Comtesse Polignac de Bee or something, LOL. Actually can I call my violin Pooky and say ‘Pooky, you have been a very naughty girl’ when I mess up, LOL.

    Here are pics of finished violin which the shop sent me that I have subsequently photoshopped as your inspiration for the naming so without further ado, let the random name suggestions begin!

    P.S. BTW, you can tell me that I am just wasting my money on a new violin because I made an absolutely awful noise with the current one, LOL. In fact, criticisms are welcomed!
    Violin 1.jpg Violin 2.jpg
  2. Downloading didn't work :confused1:
    Your voilin looks beautiful!!! The color and the grain look so gorgeous! Congrats! I personally like Sophia.
  3. Jane? Emily sounds nice too.

    The Cricket World Cup starts....can't wait to see what happens! As a citizen of a country which has won the World Cup before (former British Colony, of course..) I'll be rooting for our team!
  4. I'd say Julia.
  5. Lucia, as in "Lucia de Lamamoor" :smile:
  6. Violet
  7. Elizabeth Taylor - lol

    I'm so jealous you're going to the World Cup! Have a great time!!!!
  8. Scratch the over-obvious violet. ^^^I think we have a winner! What fun to call your violin Elizabeth Taylor. Love it Cal!
  9. What a lovely violin. As for naming her, how about Viola? Too predictable? Here are a couple others for your consideration.
  10. i know nothing about violins but it looks beautiful to me. as for the name i think lindell suits her.
  11. Oh Bee, she is beautiful!!! :yes:

    I love the names Emily and Sofia. I also like Katherine.
    Let us know what you decide!
  12. The music sounds beautiful. You're a good player, Bee...Bee.

    I tried learning the violin, and it was not a success LOL. Everybody basically plugged up their ears and ran away when they saw me with my violin.
  13. YAY!!! I love naming inatimate objects!!! It looks like a Vivian.

    It has a ring to it: Vivian the Violin? :shrugs:
  14. I like Jane, too. Or Rebecca? I think it's great that you've gone back to the violin. I played the clarinet for 9 years and I still miss it sometimes.
  15. For the heck of it I looked up the names of the Muses (the nine daughters of Zeus and nymphs of the springs) and I came across these:

    The Muse of Music was Euterpe

    The Muse Dance was Terpsichore