Wanna share my [small] court victory today.

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  1. I don’t know whether it is a good idea for me to tell you ladies this or not because there are only 2 ways you are going to see me: either as a bimbo or as an absolutely nasty total-psycho :p but I want to tell you I won a legal case against a computer repair shop today. I got back £50 (accrued interest included) but the legal cost was £4,229.10. You’ve read that right it was over £4,000 ($8000+):sweatdrop:.

    So the story was this; about five months ago I went to a shop (near Oxford Street for those who have been to London) to get my notebook’s DVD-RW drive changed because one-year warranty was already out. The shop quoted me a service charge of £55 + VAT which was a ridiculous sum equalling the hourly wage of a Wall Street trader. I thought it was a rip-off but I thought let’s just get it over and done with. So they have asked me to get pay a £35 + VAT ‘booking’ fee upfront which they said will be reimbursed if I decided to have them service my computer. I agreed to that so now and waited for them to give me a quote on the DVD-RW drive. The shop came back and quoted me £690 when I looked on eBay and found one for £275. So I told them that I am going to get the drive from eBay for you to replace. To which they said OK.

    So when I went back to them with the drive, the guy repairing it said the total bill is going to be £55 + VAT but when I came to collect it, he charged me £105.63 (i.e. with the £35 + VAT as well)! I think it is because they have the intentions to extort me with the ridiculous price of the DVD-RW drive but I caught them out so they decided to do this instead. They weren’t willing to budge after I spoke one sentence to the manager (more is completely unnecessarily). So I turned on my ruthless streak, LOL and told them: I will pay now and expect to hear from my solicitor (US = attorney) tomorrow. Out of pure recklessness, I got a solicitor/friend who is a partner in a leading London firm to deal with this. He usually deals with $10m+ commercial contract problems but now I am asking him to deal with a £100 personal contract, LOL. Fortunately after a bit of nagging, he said OK on the condition that I cook him a Sunday lunch :biggrin:.

    To cut the story short, the 1st time he sent a letter to the shop to notify my intentions to take them to court, the shop immediately offered to reimburse but I said no way! So it ends up at a hearing in the County/Small Claims Court (because it was less than £5,000) today. It was pretty basic because, let’s say, their lawyer was much less experienced and my guy was on the top of his game. From when the judge asked whether we will want to settle this (to which my solicitor obviously says no) to the verdict of both unfair and hidden terms in the contract as well as minor fraud charge. It was over in less than an hour. But what a bonus that the judge ordered them to pay full legal costs! Guess how much it is? £4229.10 was the cost that my friend would have charged me if I was a stranger - for about 2 hours work or something :sweatdrop: - so that is the bill that they are going to be sent. So he pocketed it and I got my £50. I can’t even buy the lunch with my solicitor friend with it but it is the sweetest £50 in my life!

    BTW, What do you ladies think? Am I an absolutely nasty person or is it justified to take the ruthless route :?:
  2. Well, I wouldn't want to get on your bad side! On one hand, it seems pretty vindictive not to take the settlement offer. On the other, they probably won't try to do this to another person and have learned a costly lesson.
  3. I can only say.. YOU GO GIRL!:yahoo: That shop totally had it coming:yes:
  4. The shop deserves it. They should know better than to treat people that way. Had you accepted the out of court settlement, they wouldn't have gotten a judgement on their record. Now it will be visible for all creditors to see.
  5. Exactly, I kinda think you wasted the taxpayer's money, but hopefully, these a$$es won't try it again.

    BTW, I really hope your notebook didn't have the removable/swapable DVD drive, cause if so, it takes all of 5 seconds to press a button, slide the old one out, and slide the new on in.
  6. :yes:
  7. :devil:

    guess why i changed my own optical drive on my last computer :roflmfao:
  8. Wow, I'm in awe of you :smile:
    I think the shop will know better than to try this on their future customers. I'm glad that they had to pay the legal fees too!!
  9. YOU GO GIRL!!! If only I had the balls and a lawyer friend...
  10. You rock, Bee! Lots of guys think that women have no brains and no power to deal with whatever gets thrown at them.

    (PS: Can your lawyer friend sue my dentist for me? : ) My dentist billed me about 5 times what he said he would charge me as apparently a 'surgical extraction' is not an 'extraction')
  11. Yay! I hate it how repair shops of electronics, cars, etc... are so mean to women! I'm going through a similar situation right now with my car, I'm taking the car repair shop to court, they damaged my car and they said that they would pay for the damages if I could get written proof from the dealership that the problems were caused by them and I did. But owner is not honoring his words. He thought I wasn't going to be able to get written proof. He even said my dealership is lying to me, and I told him BMW doesn't need my business, they have reason to lie. The sad part is that my mother is friends with his wife for 10 years, that's why I trusted the guy in the first place. His wife even told him to pay for it and he refuses and told her to butt out. It's not even about the money at this point, I just want to see him squirm. So despicable!

    Good for you in letting those bastards know that they can't rip people off and get away with it. You're not a psycho or a bimbo, you're a strong woman!
  12. I absolutely think you did the right thing. It was NOT a waste of taxpayer's dollars.

    They were lying and taking advantage of you. If someone vandalised your property but offered to settle out of court and pay damages when you filed a lawsuit, would you do it? I wouldnt. I would take them to court and "waste taxpayers' dollars" (as someone put it above). Just because something can be settled out of court does not make it a waste to go to court.

    You did the right thing not taking the convenient way out. They need to know that they cannot get away with it. They probably saw you as a woman that doesnt know about computers and will just pay the bill. I am glad it is on their record because they will be less likely to do this again. Believe me, if they have to go to court again for this, the judge wont be too happy.

    I think your actions will help others down the road.

    GOOD JOB AND I'm VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!! :party:

    Now if only your lawyer friend could help us out with the counterfeit purse scams.... :p

    Dont people believe in karma anymore :sad:

    Please make a thread to keep us posted in!!! I am now really into your case!!
    Hopefully BeeBee's situation provides motivation!!!
  14. I think its hilarious - your friend is a good sport. Of course it would have been better if it was a major chain, but still I think its true that these places try and take advantage of women.
  15. Thanks! I meant to say that my dealership has NO reason to lie. I'll keep you guys posted. It may be a while until anything gets resolved though. :shame: BeeBees's situation does provide motivation for me. The worst part of the whole thing is that the dishonest owner kept patronizing me and calling me a little girl, I got fed up and told him that I am a woman and he is not my father and has no right to talk to me like that. Just because he is my parents age does not give him the right to talk to me like that. :sad: