wanna share my new reveal...

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  1. your raisin looks really bluish ..are you sure is not sapphire :graucho:?? lol i am joking ....i think it all depends by the lights
  2. thanks chloé... yes, modena is really beautiful, but honestly i prefer parma :biggrin:. my boyfriend actually lives there... so less milan in the future :cry:
  3. CHLOEGLAMOUR......... You are soooooooooo funny!!!!!:lolots::lolots::lolots:
  4. I will take another pic with flash tomorrow, maybe than we'll see the difference...
  5. parma:heart:another great city ..yummm did you eat :roflmfao:PROSCIUTTO and culatello??:drool:btw PARMA is near MILAN (one hour car more or less) , you can visit it anytime :sneaky:
  6. :ninja: :graucho:lol please be sure it is not sapphire or i could steal it:police: (please see my signature )

    btw i noticed that raisin can have different colour saturation sometimes
  7. >>> yeah, it's probably a question of saturation...
  8. CHLOEGLAMOUR......... You're so right, that Sapphire is sooooo close to Raisin. I love that color, too. I love the deep purples!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. me too :drool:
  10. ^they are so rich looking................:cloud9:
  11. Congrats on your new purchase.:yahoo: Gorgeous color and i love the Day style.:tup:
  12. snoesje, COngrats on your super beautiful day!!! :nuts: It's gorgy, and I can't wait to see modeling pics!! :girlsigh:
  13. Love your bag. I have the exactly same raisin day with me today in the office. Congrat to your new bag.
  14. Great color, congrats!
  15. I love my Raisin Day too so much. It is a classic deep purple and it is really wearable. Your day is absolutely beautiful! I wish they did make the lavender of what your first pic looks like IRL for a bal day bag....yum.