wanna share my new reveal...

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  1. Are you sure that is raisin?
  2. yeah, i'm quite sure it is... what makes you doubt?
  3. chloè, thanks bella, will post modelling pics asap :smile:
  4. snoesje...........I have a Raisin City, and I don't think that your new bag is Raisin............:confused1: If you go to the Balenciaga reference section on colors.......you'll see the difference
  5. Mmmmmh, well it's authetic for sure...No doubts about that :smile:

    I bought it at Montorsi in Modena Italy so it should be from the FW collection...:confused1:

    But now you really make me doubt... Will take a look at the cards... BTW know the colour number for raisin?
  6. tillie,
    the paper tag says 2009 3 140442 D94JT 291
    so it's definitely raisn, or not?
    maybe it's because I took the pics without flash...
  7. Many congrats on your new gorgeous Raisin. Enjoy it.

    I think it's definitely Raisin, it's just the lighting ...
  8. it is raisin for sure , violet leather is very different ..btw it is a stunning bag !!!
  9. i know that store :nuts::graucho: modena is a wonderful place :love:
  10. snoesjeI just checked my card in my Raisin Balenciaga, and the card says......... 2009 3 115748 D94JT 284
  11. well the last 3 numbers always change, so it doesn't really say anything about the colour.
    anyway, it's raisin and basta!:P
    i think it just looks less shiny then chloé's one for example, because i didn't use the flash.
  12. ah girls, if you're interested. they also had a raisin pompon with rh (stunning!), another raisin city with cgh, a raisin first and a raisin shoulder+ various accessories. all 50%:graucho: all other 2009 fw colours were 30% off.
    and in parma you can also find some bals, all 30% off ;)
  13. Here's a picture of my Raisin City.......I don't even see any similiarity...I'm not saying your bag isn't authentic, maybe they just told you the wrong color.

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  14. the colour code is the same tillie , my raisn ggh money card
    2009 3 18194 D940g 189

    btw even without card you can easily see that it is raisin from the stitchings, from handles ,etc etc
  15. [​IMG]

    O.K. good, I'm certainly not an authority on Balenciagas, but it didn't even look like the same color as ANY Raisin bags that I've seen. :heart: