Wanna share my Chopard pink diamond bracelet

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  1. Someone asked me how I got to go to the Chopard 'workshop' thingy where I got to try on a seriously ridiculous 23 carat ring (per this thread). The answer was because I somehow gathered enough money for a bracelet recently and making myself broke in the process :sweatdrop:.

    As every lady knows, I am very lazy :P but I did wear it to a house gathering this evening and I got someone to take a pic of it using a phone and the pic is actually not too lousy. So here it is:


    Thanks for letting me share :smile:.

    Disclaimer: you don't get to see the bottom side. The assistant gentleman said that it is quite difficult to get pink diamonds with similar colour (which is fancy pink - best represented by the 2nd one from the top) and size so there are only 8 for this bracelet and in any case, I couldn't afford more anyway :shame:smile:. So after the 8 and the last adjoining white ones, the bottom is mostly clasp and quite embarrassing :sweatdrop:. Anyhow, the 'upgrade' /completing the full band will be something I am thinking of aiming for but don't know when that's going to happen because I need 3 more cubes and the price for one is hell bent ridiculous!

    EDIT: I forgot to say that most ladies are probably going to see a different colour to what I am seeing because I am using Photoshop to process the image and my Mac colour calibration is 'warmer' to your Windows' one. So sorry about that and I'll try to fix it.
  2. Oh my goodness!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    That bracelet is TDF!!! Absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking, thanks for posting!
  3. OMG, that is so pretty and precious!!!! Im scared to even imagine the cost!

    I hope you get a lot of pleasure from that beauty!!!!
  4. Wowwwww!!!:drool:
  5. Wow. so beautiful.
  6. Lovely! I wish it were mine!
  7. That is a wonderful bracelet!
  8. love pink, this is stunning! a very lovely piece
  9. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! :nuts:
  10. I LOVE CHOPARD...but I can't see the picture, and Im already salivating.
  11. Pretty!!!
  12. It's stunning!!!
  13. Holy cow, that thing is GORGEOUS!
  14. Beautiful bracelet Bee...Bee!
    Do you know if the diamonds are from Australia?
    Plus don't be embarrassed that it isn't diamonds all the way around; hell, I couldn't even afford ONE diamond on a thin chain! :P
  15. Stunning!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.