Wanna see why they call me REDney?? LOL!

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  1. I've had these bags for a while but haven't gotten around to taking pics. Soooooo....

    Introducing for the first time together my 05 Rouge Theater collection...Miss First, City, Work!!

    I :heart: red bags!!:nuts:
    Redney's reds 3.JPG Red handles.JPG Redney's reds on arm.JPG
  2. Hey REDney.......

    I love rouge theatre and OBVIOUSLY you do too!:lol:

    It is my favorite B red, thanks for showing us your family.
  3. Beautiful RED collection:heart: thanks for sharing!
  4. lovely reds you have!!congrats
  5. I love RT!

    I actually just sold my RT City a few hours ago to buy an RT Twiggy (The City doesn't look as good on me). I'm having some pangs of regret now....
  6. love your reds redney :smile: i always wanted to have at least one red bag
  7. Wow you have amazing collection!! I love the comparison pic on your arm of the different sizes. They all look so yummy!!
  8. Wonderful red collection - I love rouge theatre too! You are a lucky girl to have all those sizes!
  9. Beautiful reds!!!!!!!! Lovely collection.
  10. Stunning reds! I love your collection.
    Thanks for sharing!
  11. Wow! That's impressive.
  12. :heart: Love the First especially....all are beautiful! :yes:
  13. Love them all but especially the first!
  14. i love rouge 05 too...but i have yet to find a piece i like on eBay....love your collection
  15. The best Red ever. :yahoo: I love them all. Congrats on your amazing collection.:party: