Wanna see what's in my black and white box?

Aug 21, 2007
thought that would get your attention:yahoo:

Now that I have it, here is my latest from Chanel

ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is all that I can say!:heart:



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Aug 21, 2007
Wow, how would you describe the fragrance? Flowery,sweet,woodsey,spicy????????
Hi Gerry
This, in part, is a description that a reviewer from basenotes gave Bois des Iles and I couldn't agree more.
Bois des Îles becomes deliciously warm, with the spiciness of dry ginger and nutmeg. Sandalwood embraces the perfume throughout its evolution. Although there are floral notes in the heart (namely jasmine and rose), ylang ylang is the only one that truly stands out, (On me I can pick up on the jasmine and rose) The others are blended to complement the sandalwood and ylang ylang (smoothing and rounding its sharpness) and bridge from top to base and the crisp-woody notes of vetiver.

And from another review: This is a very beautiful, complex fragrance; very elegant, classy, and sophisticated; discreet and delicious: one of those fragrances that -- as others have described -- is hard to pick out any one note all are so beautifully blended. If you like woody florals w/ a little spice and if you love sandlewood, you have to try a sample of this at least

addicted2chanel I have heard that quite often with others. Sorry for you but you might want to try this or another one again as our bodies chemistry changes to do with lifestyle, maybe one of them will stick around longer for you.
This scent is too gorgeous to miss out on:heart:

allbrandspls thankyou. I have not had the pleasure to try the gardenia yet.I might just be asking for meself a sample,lol