Wanna See? Wanna See? Finally Pics of My New Origan Twiggy!

  1. First of all, thank you to ALL of the awesome PF ladies who guided me to my purchase of this absolutely awesome bag. I SO appreciate having TPF as a resource for all things Balenciaga (and more.)

    This is my first Bbag... an Origan, or Amande, (or Light Olive?) Twiggy. I think I love it more than any other purse I've ever owned.


    I had recently purchased a Chloe Paddington, which was a beautiful bag -- but so freakin' heavy I was getting pains in my arm trying to carry it around. The Twiggy is shaped and sized similarly, but the same amount of stuff actually fits into it much more easily. Carrying the Twiggy is like carrying around a bag of marshmallows, while carrying the Paddy, beautiful as it is, is like hauling around a can of paint.:graucho

    The lovely olive color doesn't come across in the photo so well, but it really is scrumptious, :love:, less yellowy than in these pics. More lovely green. And the feel? The feel? THE FEEL of the leather is just yummy!:yes: The Paddy? She's on eBay. Hopefully there's a woman out there with stronger arms than mine. Hee-hee. (Uh-oh, better go change my avatar, or whatever that pic is called that shows up next to your name when you post.)

    Somewhere around here there's a thread for "what's in your Bbag" but until I find it, here's what I have in mine. Peeking inside...


    What is all that stuff?


    --Hayden Harnett chocolate brown wallet
    --black COACH card case
    --cell phone
    --PDA (a crappy one, but it works)
    --gum & mints
    --Hayden Harnett gold cosmetics clutch
    --black COACH sunglasses case
    --red eyeglasses case
    --one favorite ('cause my son gave it to me as a souvenir of a trip he went on with a friend) purple ballpoint pen
    --car, house, and work keys on a hot pink COACH fob
    --and a Bare Minerals compact (even though I just switched to MAC.)
    No scissors. No ipod. No digital cam.

    True Confessions? I saw a post on here the other day about a Pewter Day? And I BOUGHT IT! I had to. Right? :yahoo: Pics of that to come....
  2. Lovely.
  3. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that is HOT!:yahoo: :nuts:
  4. :love: I love it!!!!!!!!!! I am loving the origan color!!!:love: I'm so glad you have joined the Bal club!:yahoo: I'm sure there will be more to come!!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!:heart:
  5. Fabulous 1st BBag!!!!!! I love the color and especially in the Twiggy! You're on your way to your second ... and third .... (Remember the FEEL!) :devil:
  6. Your bag is beautiful!! I have this color in the city and I LOVE it!!! Congrats!!
  7. Gorgeous beyond belief. Congrats are definitely in order!
  8. WOW for your first one, you sure got a BEAUTY!!! Congratulations, there is no stopping you now! What's the next one? :p :yahoo:
  9. Love that color! I think twiggys look so awesome in the earthy green colors. That gold hayden harnett makeup case looks too cute, too!
  10. Congrats! I have an Origan City and the leather and color is TDF!
  11. your bag is just lovely! thanks for sharing - the bag in general, plus how the bag looks without straps and how much it holds:smile:
  12. Congrats! We're twins, not only do we have the same bag, but the same cellphone.
  13. all you need is a Boobie and youre all set!:p

    Lovely bag!
    I LOVE it! What a fabulous bag and one of my favourite colours too! Congrats!!!
  15. totally FAB!!! congrats!!! she looks BEAUTIFUL!!! enjoy using her.