Wanna see something disturbing?

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  1. OH my gosh! That just breaks my heart!
  2. OMG!!

    I read on a newspaper (try to find it again, but can't) that Hongkong police has just raided a private counterfeit products seller's place. She's just a middle aged housewife working in front of her home computer with boxes of these fakes at home. She sold them all online! Respect to the Hong Kong police!
  3. :lol: damn...
  4. Wow!

    I'm glad to hear the Hong Kong police are doing raids. The less fakes out there the better!
  5. Wow... that's a lot in one box! That paddy is just terrible looking though, it's hard to imagine that someone would fall for that, but then I think about 8 months ago, I probably wouldn't have known any better either.
  6. I don't think I've seen anything that heartbreaking since the puppy-mill story on Dateline.
  7. gross!!!

    bagnshoofetish, i've never heard that story...but don't tell me! i cry easily when it comes to little animals
  8. Ugh.
  9. :cry: me too.
  10. me too! :cry:
  11. Me too about the puppies:cry: And I am glad the fake handbag seller got busted!:evil:
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