wanna see some limelights and a bandeau???

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  1. Hello everyone!!!

    I finally have found my camera in a cupboard with the pots and pans. All I can say is...That's my Ethan!! :rolleyes:

    I have not yet decided which limelight I like better. I think that I am just going to keep both because they each have so many pros about them. I really like how they work with my wardrobe and it is so amazing how this bag makes an outfit look so different than a speedy does!

    I also have to announce that I LVoE MY MIRAGE BANDEAU:yahoo:..There are no words to describe my love for her. And the way she looks on Azur is simply TDF!!

    ***Thank you Alaska for that tip***:flowers:

    I now present my newest additions!


    I also got some goodies from some great associates! I think the extra catalog will go in my cousin's Christmas stocking:lol:


    One more thing! I got the new Holiday catalog in the mail along with an invite to the Holiday cocktail event in Alabama...unfortunatly I am from Minnesota! It's nice to have been asked though! I guess they figure I have ordered enough from them so why not?

    So.......what should my next purchase be? *thumbing through catalog!*;)

  2. OMG, I think I just :drool: a little....Such a gorgeous clutch...and in BOTH colors!! and the bandeau is so pretty!!
  3. Thank you so much! OMG! I can't believe that I forgot I have moca items! OK...brb!

    NM....no need to wake up my guy tonight..MOCA pics tomorrow!!!!

    NIGHT EVERYONE :flowers:
  4. Oh!! Ethan's Mommy congrat with your new bags!!!!
    May I ask some question? What is the difference between 2 Le Catalogues? I have only the gold one.
  5. congrats ..adore all your purchases ..stunning:love:
  6. oh my goodness! you have both limelight! i would keep them both too. too hard to choose which color to keep. congrats on your clutches and your bandeau.
  7. Gorgeous, I'd keep both also lol.
  8. Very nice. Congrats.
  9. Gorgous!
    Congrats ! the limelights are soo pretty!
  10. :nuts:Congrats!!!
    I've bought the bandeau too... it's really nice...
    :graucho:The idea of putting it on the azur is great!!!!

    I think I'll copy your idea!!!
  11. ooo yummy!!!! that bandeau really reminds me of xmas :smile: its a beautiful winter colour
  12. That 's amazing. Makes me want a copper limelight... COngratulations!:drool:
  13. Wow! :drool::drool: Gorgeous!
  14. that copper limelight is tdf!!
  15. Wow... I love both! Congrats on the new purchases!