Wanna see my Rouille?

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  1. Hi ladies! I just thought I would share my most favorite 06 S/S with ya'll!

    I :heart: this bag.
    I think the color is a tad bit off with the flash and all. It's showing a bit more orange when in reality my particular bag has a deep rich red undertone. I especially love the leather, not veiny at all and very similar to 05 leather.

    Anyone considering rouille.....it's a greaaat color.:yes:

    Oh yes, I also included my first love, my Isabella Fiore freedom wallet.:love:
    I thought they made a cute pair.

    EDIT* oh ya, that flash didn't do the color justice. Sorry, I'll take some replacements in the sunlight tomorrow.
    tmpphpzMTmL6.jpg tmpphpMfNCRY.jpg
  2. gorgeous color... i have one myself :yes:

    love the wallet with it!
  3. :drool: Even with the flash it looks really delish! I would love to see it in the sun though, as it's my favorite way to see bal bags in photos! I love it with the IF wallet too! I got both my daughters the Buried Treasure Jamie bag, and I love it! This bag does have really incredible leather and doesn't look like 06 leather at all! Thanks for sharing!
  4. I definitely will take some more pics... Sorry, wish these were better.:sad:
  5. It's a great warm color thanks for sharing. I had a rouille city but it's gone :sad: I decided to keep my RV instead.
  6. I love Rouille and own a First in it myself :yahoo: Your bag has the most amazing leather as well - GORGEOUS :love:
  7. Gorgeous bag and I love the wallet. I think Fiore is creative and makes beautiful bags. My Mom loves vintage Fiore and has quite a collection. I have a leopard pony hair structured purse that is very rare and I love it. For the quality of her bags, they are an excellent buy. The wallet is perfect for our elegant buy edgy bbags! :yes:

  8. ummmm Deana, why is that bubblegum picture on your signature? To torment me? :p
  9. Love the color. Beautiful!
  10. congrats!
  11. Wow - great color!
  12. What a gorgeous colour!!!!!!!
  13. WOW, the Rouille color shows up real nice in your pic!:wtf: NICE!!
  14. Your bag looks beautiful!!! Congrats!!
  15. what a beautiful color!