Wanna see my rainbow of flaps?


Dec 3, 2007
I must have the world record of longest closet clearing.:P (Some of you might remember how I'm supposed to drastically cut down my collection?)

Anyhoo, looking through the bags in my closet made me want to do a family shot of flaps in rainbow colors. You guys know how I'm the wacko with no "plain black" bags.:biggrin: I thought I'd probably have enough colors to do a rainbow of flaps and oh, YES, I was right!

However, instead of just doing rounding up seven colors together, I thought of another challenge. Why not make each bag to be different material as well? And put together most varied selection of sizes while on the thought of the challenge.

So the result of those challenges is the following pic. (I'm sorry for the quality of the pic.:sweatdrop: )

What do you think of my RAINBOW of Chanel flaps?:P


Here's the roster of the seven sisters for those who are interested.

Miss Red : 09C, caviar with silver hw, jumbo classic
Miss Orange : 08A, (NYMA) patent with light gold hw, jumbo med
Miss Yellow : 07C, python with silver hw, between e/w & med classic
Miss Green : 09A, fantasy tweed with silver hw, similar to jumbo
Miss Blue : 04A, lambskin with silver hw & ladybug charms, med with single flap
Miss Navy : 08A, jersey with silver hw, comparable to a 224
Miss Purple : 08P, metallic calfskin with silver hw, 226
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“Happiness is the highest good”
May 17, 2006
Wow...i love ur rainbow of flaps, i want them ALL...u have an awesome collection, i'm full of envy....Thanks for sharing!!~